How To Get In The Mindset To Lose Weight? (Quick & Easy!)

Mindset To Lose Weight

Have you ever felt that losing weight is an unachievable task for you?

What if we told you it all comes from your psychological disposition and that you can change that?

Changes in your body come from changes in your mind, and no matter what you do, getting in the mindset to lose weight is as essential as diet and exercise.

But of course, like any other psychological change, adapting your mentality to understand overweight and healthy practices is not an easy task!

So, how to get in the mindset to lose weight? Well, all you need is a bit of resilience and the law of attraction as your allies!

These two factors, combined in a series of actions you consciously take, will mark the difference between actually getting to your ideal weight and getting stuck on self-pity. 

Are you ready to give your life a whole new perspective and start making real changes in both your self-esteem and physical appearance? 

Then, let’s go on this mind-opening journey into weight loss!

4. To Lose Weight, Just Eat Less and Exercise

Even if we don’t believe it, the truth is that losing weight only feels so hard because it relies on how we feel and think about ourselves considerably.

Many times, we utterly ditch our efforts because we look at ourselves in the mirror and believe we would never be able to lose those pounds.

Sounds familiar?

If that’s your case, allow us to enlighten you, friend, as it’s YOU the first and principal obstacle that’s preventing you from achieving your goal.

Just like you heard, it; mental disposition marks the difference, didn’t we said that already? Well, we can’t stress it enough!

The first step on how to get in the mindset to lose weight is recognizing yourself, and being honest with your feelings.

Also, looking for help to attend possible mental health issues may be the kickstart for your journey, let’s see why!

  • Is your mindset preventing you from losing weight? Understanding mental health role in obesity

Mental health has always been related to eating habits. We’ve all heard about how depressed people eat too much or not at all.

And eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia come from mental disorders. The same thing happens with obesity.

While overweight is not directly linked to the mental condition, it’s related to many habits that we acquire to cope with certain emotions and anxiety.

According to Phillip Ballard, MD, physician, and psychiatrist with Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the levels of stress and anxiety in the modern population are more significant than ever before.

In that sense, depression is also more common, and food works as a medication to alleviate the symptoms.

We’ve all heard about “comfort foods”, and while they are ideal for an occasional treat, when we turn this behavior into a habit or our mental health deteriorates too much.

The harmless delight can turn into several extra pounds in no time.

Plus, when the scale starts going up, and our self-esteem starts falling apart, the chances of binge eating as an attempt to deal with these feelings keep increasing.

While, on the other hand, our trust in ourselves disappears, leading us to think that we are powerless to do something about it.

Said like that, it may seem to be a huge psychological problem, and our ego rushes us to deny we are living with this mentality.

But, the truth is that these issues tend to go unnoticed.

It happens progressively, making it hard to detect, particularly when the attention is focused on the physical consequences.

People who struggle with their mental health tend to become obese more easily.

In the same way, people dealing with low self-esteem and anxiety find it hard to lose weight.

If that sounds more like you, then this is when getting in the mindset to lose weight becomes the game-changer.

Law of attraction and positive thinking: the switch for getting the Weight Loss Mindset!


This is probably not the first time you hear about the law of attraction and positive thinking for losing weight.

It’s because there is a strong relationship between what you think and how it impacts your body.

Visualizing yourself as able to shed pounds may sound to you like a silly strategy, but the truth is that what we think, and we convince our minds with the truth.

Only by projecting your mentality, it will manifest in real life. The same applies to our dreamed body!

But first, let’s make something clear, so we don’t confuse the right mindset with self-deception.

There are two ways of approaching positive thinking and the law of attraction.

One of them works wonders and is the secret behind any success in our life, while the other is just an excuse. Let’s check them in more depth!

  • Law of attraction: the lazy way

First, we’ll tell you what NOT to do if you’re trying to get in the mindset for losing weight.

There’s a mistaken belief that thinking positively and attracting the good to your life means sitting still and putting your faith into believing that the pound will disappear by themselves.

This stream of thought leads you to not taking action and actively achieving your goals.

It would be great if just lying in your bed, thinking that everything you want will become true, would make it happen.

But, the real law of attraction doesn’t work that way, and by doing this, you’d be only cheating on yourself.

In a few words, only thinking without doing something about it is not the right mindset to lose weight.

And, it will take you nowhere, only to more frustration and probably, binge eating to manage the anxiety of not seeing results.

So, do yourself a favor and skip this behavior! And if you don’t understand what authentic law of attraction is like, then keep reading!

  • Positive thinking and acting in consequence: the real law of attraction

We’ve already stated that only thinking about something won’t get it to you. 

Now, let’s explain what positive thinking truly is, and how it can get you in the mindset for losing weight. 

The principle of the law of attraction, as mentioned, is that what you think is what you bring into your life.

In that sense, yes, it bases on thinking that you can and will achieve something – in this case, throwing away some pounds – to actually do it.

But, what is meaningful about this mentality is that it drives you to take control of your life, your choices, and in consequence, your actions.

The law of attraction gives you the strength to do the things you know you must do to achieve a goal, and believing they will work.

Sounds a bit different from the lazy version, right? If you haven’t spotted it yet, we’ll make it clear.

It all centers on the idea of believing in yourself and your efforts, and believe that the universe will act in your favor if you do it first.

There’s a quote from Pablo Picasso that easily explains this maxim: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

What Picasso states with this phrase is that whatever you want to achieve can happen, but you have to be ready to grasp it and let it happen.

You have to work for it to happen. The same occurs with getting the right mindset to lose weight.

Of course, you have to project yourself in your ideal weight, and healthy, but you have to start working today to achieve it! 

And now that you know that it all begins within you, you may be asking yourself how to start? Where to start? How do you know you’re on the right path?

As we know that’s not an easy thing to discover, we bring you some tips and advice on how to get in the mindset for losing weight.

10 Tips for getting in the right mindset to lose weight

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Based on what we’ve been talking about, there’re some small but significant actions you can consciously take to slowly reprogram your brain.

Some of them will be harder for you to accomplish, and sometimes you may even feel stupid doing them.

However, if you trust yourself, and reflect on the effects of psychology in overweight, we’re more than sure that you’ll get the mindset for losing weight sooner than you thought!

  • Identify your setbacks

To discover what is setting you back, you may try asking yourself these questions:

  1. Do you see yourself in the mirror and feel shame about yourself?
  2. Do you think you’re ugly and worthless if you’re not skinny?
  3. Do you think others only value you for your body?
  4. Do you use food as a mechanism to cope with life problems?
  5. Do you think you are in control of your life?
  6. Do you know what other qualities you have besides your physical virtues?

These are some common issues that we may not identify if we don’t say them out loud.

But, you’ll probably find other questions you can ask yourself or the answers will show themselves once you start questioning.

After the negative thoughts start appearing in front of the mirror, you can put an end to them by saying some disruptive statements like: “STOP”.

Or simply, you can laugh at yourself, or consciously telling yourself that all you’re thinking about your image is not true.

These acts, as simple as they sound, have proven crucial in stopping the train of thought and the depressive mentality it takes you to.

  • Foresee your new lifestyle

Something that everybody should know is that real weight loss, the one that’s sustainable and healthy for you, doesn’t happen overnight.

Long-term weight loss depends on changing your habits and creating a lifestyle.

But to achieve that, way before taking actions like dieting or exercising, you have to visualize yourself living better.

What is it that you want? Do you want to wear that tight dress you bought years ago and still hangs in the closet? Do you want to participate in a sporting event? Do you want to go to the beach and rock that bikini?

All this are possible if you foresee your new lifestyle. Of course, you need to believe in it, accept it’s true, and repeat it to yourself continually.

  • Don’t let others discourage you

We like it or not, many people don’t enjoy seeing success in others, and they won’t believe in you.

Whether because of envy or because of your previous attitudes, they will think and tell you that you will fail. 

Receive these words as a challenge to prove to you that you can and keep trusting your actions, as they will be the game-changer.

  • Take control of your life

We’ve mentioned this one many times during the article, but we’ll say it once again. Take control of your life!

Know and understand that, while some things are out of our control, the ones that will define your results are the ones that you can control.

Your eating habits, exercise habits, your schedules, your sleep hours, your water intake, and the way you see yourself are things you can control.

Live your life and don’t let your life live you!

  • Set realistic goals

One common mistake when trying to change our mindset for losing weight is starting on a rush and planning big changes.

We do this with the momentum of the first weeks, only to find the task too challenging and losing all efforts again.

Instead of bitting more than you can chew, focus on achieving small periodical goals.

A good example is incrementing your daily steps. Take it from “driving even to the corner” to go grocery shopping on foot.

The same applies to the glasses of water you drink daily.

Simply add small daily or weekly goals and allow yourself to be proud of your small accomplishments.

Remember that each grain of sand is part of the beach, they all count!

  • Get a plan

The best way to accomplish the previous and further steps for getting the weight loss mindset is by having a plan.

Write down your goals and time-span to achieve them. 

Set a realistic training schedule, eating schedule, and increase them progressively.

For better results, a custom diet plan is recommended.

Take this short quiz if you want to get a full weight loss program according to your body goals.

  • Take note of your achievements!

This may sound silly but it’s the perfect way to reassure your position even in the hardest times.

Keep note of every single goal you’ve already accomplished in your journey.

When a negative mentality hits you, go, and read carefully all those small objectives you’ve achieved, to remember that you can do it!

  • Forget about excuses

It’s actually easy to fall for any pretext on our way to losing weight.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that it’s ok to binge because “we are sick” or “too tired” or because we had “that fight”.

And yes! You should be kind to yourself and allow some treats once in a while. But, when fighting overweight, we should be attentive to any possible relapse into depressive eating.

You can have excuses or results not both! – Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Ditch the “award/punishment” mentality

Believing that food is a reward, and exercising is a punishment for eating will most likely take you to suffer weight loss, instead of developing a healthy lifestyle.

Consider that, as you’re now in control of your life, you’re entitled to take positive actions and decisions for your health and that eating and exercising can be measurable and fun!

You’re building who you want to be, don’t feel tormented by it, and you’ll learn how to balance everything in your life.

  • Quit the “dieting” mentality

The diet culture we’ve so immersed in may be helpful for some.

Especially for those that don’t actually struggle with overweight and only need a regime to accomplish more complex goals such as bodybuilding.

But, if that is not your case, “diet culture” will be more a problem than a solution.

Some of the dieting principles that you need to avoid for getting in the mindset to lose weight are:

Forget about the scale

The number it shows depends on many factors and NOT necessarily reflects your real size and effort.

Losing weight overnight

All those diets that offer swift weight solutions are unhealthy.

They will result in unsustainable weight loss that will come back after you quit the diet.

It’s better to obtain a long-lasting and healthy lifestyle that gets you in your ideal weight.

Bad Foods

All foods fit if in weight loss if you’re conscious of your portions.

Get the help of a nutritionist and discover how you can eat even that delicious lasagna and still lose those pounds!

Final Thoughts About Getting The Weight Loss Mindset

Weight Loss Ideas

Finally, there’s no losing weight without meal prepping and exercising.

Having your portions and ingredients controlled and activating your body are key factors on weight loss.

You need to integrate them into your plans if you’re trying to get in the mindset for losing weight.

However, the truth is that even with proper eating and exercise, if your mind still doesn’t believe you can do it, you’ll find yourself going up and down in that weight.

So, make sure you pay attention to these tips and get in the mindset for losing weight before you rush to pay for a gym.

Trust us, once you change that mentality, results will show up sooner than you’ve ever imagined!

P.S: If you’re having a hard time noticing any results and want to quicken your weight loss journey, check out this powerful new dieting formula that combines multiple benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted!

P.S: If you’re having a hard time noticing any results and want to quicken your weight loss journey, check out this powerful new dieting formula that combines multiple benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted!