How To Lose Weight For Endomorph? (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Lose Weight For Endomorph

Whether you’re looking to reduce excess body fat or add some muscle mass, getting results involves maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan.

But, depending on your body type, following certain diet plans and workout regimens, can maximize your body’s strength while effectively helping you reach your weight loss goal.

If you have a higher percentage of body fat and little muscle definition, you may have what is known as an endomorph body.

Some people with endomorphic bodies struggle to get in shape.

However, the key to slimming down is to understand how your body type differs from the others.

The article explores how to lose weight for endomorphs and what foods to eat and training routines to follow for better results.

What is a Somatotype body type?

We are often quick to attribute the differences to the mysteries of different body shapes or somatotypes.

But, we rarely go beyond the basic body classifications to explore how our body types differ.

So, What Does Somatotype Mean?

Somatotype is a taxonomy developed in the 1940s by American psychologist William Herbert Sheldon.

It categorizes the human physique according to the relative contribution of three fundamental elements which he termed ‘somatotypes’. 

Let’s examine each different somatotype, and understand the different genetic predisposition to make better decisions to reach your specific body goal.

  • What are the 3 main body types?

Sheldon’s studies indicated that because we all have different somatotypes, reaching our fitness and weight loss goals requires different strategies.

Somatotype Body Types


Ectomorphs are usually skinny. They have a fast metabolism which burns calories very quickly.

Hence, they can lose fat very easily which makes cutting back to lean muscle easier for them.

Although, ectomorphs may have a decent amount of muscle, due to their long limb-length, they may appear visually to have less muscle development.


Mesomorphs have large bone structures, large muscles and naturally athletic physiques.

The physiology of a mesomorph tends to include narrow hips, wide back, and larger frame that contributes to an often muscular appearance.

They are even the lucky few, that can achieve a muscular physique without really trying.


Endomorphs are the larger structured somatotypes with both wide hips and shoulders but shorter arms and legs.

This type of body shape is great for activities that require a lot of strength. But, they tend to gain fat very easily and often struggle with weight loss.

And, since ectomorphs are naturally lean, and mesomorphs usually lose weight easily, we’re going to focus on how to lose weight for endomorphs.

Can Endomorphs be skinny?

People with an endomorph body type may gain weight easier and take longer to lose it because they tend to have a slow metabolism and high amounts of body fat.

As an endomorph, you may struggle with your weight and need specific strategies to help you lose weight and keep it off.

How Do Endomorphs Lose Weight Fast

  • So, How do Endomorphs lose weight fast? 

If you’re an endomorph, you need to face some FACTS: You are an insulin dominant, your metabolism is slow, and your carb tolerance is troubled.

You simply do not have the same genes as the skinny people who struggle with weight gain.

Alright. Enough sad news.

The golden point of being an endomorph is that your body can pack on lean muscle easier than hard-gainers.

So, embrace your genetics by lifting heavy and keeping your rest periods short and you will see results in no time.

Here are 5 tips on how to lose weight for endomorphs:

1. Decrease Your Carb Intake

Yes, we know that it’s the hardest part.

Carbs are used for energy and are needed to keep our bodies going, but too much of it gets stored as fat.

Since endomorphs have a slower metabolism than the other two body types, they are more likely to have a lot of it stored.

So, eating low carb foods while increasing protein intake is the way to get started.

2. Protein is Your Friend

It takes a lot more effort for your body to digest protein than fats or carbs.

It is also essential for building lean muscle which is metabolically active and makes your weight-loss goals more manageable.

Use this to your advantage by including lean protein every time you eat!

That means eggs for breakfast, turkey for lunch, a post-workout protein shake and beef for dinner. Have other ideas? Share them in the comment section.

3. Eat More Vegetables

Yes, vegetables have vitamins and minerals.

They’re also packed with phytonutrients which are powerful anti-oxidants and have a strong, beneficial influence upon our hormones.

A strong, lean body needs lots and lots of vegetables, that’s a no brainer.

Vegetables are also important for balancing out our bodies’ pH.

Veggies provide an alkaline load to the blood which helps neutralize the strong acid created from the breakdown of proteins.

Too much acid and not enough base means less bone mass and smaller muscles.

4. Eat More Frequently

If you’re in the habit of eating junk food, eating high quality; nutritious meals every 3-4 hours will help establish an excellent relationship with food.

Quality food is the first and most important step to getting lean. That’s the bottom line.

5. Increase Your Fitness Levels

If you want to know how to lose weight for endomorph. Then, exercise should be one of your main strategies.

Weight lifting and cardio are crucial as the combination together do wonders.

But, if you’re are busy or don’t want to spend too much time working out then, we’d suggest HIIT.

HIIT is usually done in 10-15 minutes and will have your heart racing more than any other 45-minute workout would.

It’s also good because your body continues to burn calories even after you finished your workout and who doesn’t like that?


  • How do Endomorphs increase metabolism?

People with an endomorph body type may find it difficult to gain muscle mass because excess body fat triggers the release of the hormone estrogen.

Increases in estrogen levels tend to decrease levels of hormones that promote muscle growth, such as testosterone.

So, how do endomorphs increase metabolism?

Since exercises remain the best way to level up and boost metabolism.

Experts recommend that people with an endomorph body type need to follow a workout routine that focuses on both cardiovascular and strength training activities.

Some examples of good routines include:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

In HIIT, a person will alternate between periods of very high-intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise or rest.

Steady-State Training (SST)

These are longer sessions of consistent moderate to low-intensity exercises such as walking, jogging, and swimming. 

Strength Training For Endomorphs

To improve the body’s calorie-burning abilities and overall physique, endomorphs may want to include strength-training exercises into their routines.

Endomorph Workout For Weight Loss

Since endomorphs have huge body figures, they are strong and have the power to lift heavy weights.

Hence, they have a huge advantage when they opt for strength training.

To get skinny and ripped, it is not necessary to do high reps with a light weight.

Yes, it may help you improve your endurance and cardiopulmonary function. But, this won’t get you the desired results.

For that reason, it is recommended to do high repetitive compound exercises with heavy weights to increase the size of muscle mass and burn more calories.

Also, to avoid hitting a plateau, try to vary your exercise routine while maintaining proper form.

Endomorph Workout For Weight Loss

  • What exercises are best for Endomorphs?

Endomorphs require to do a lot of multi-joint movements (compounds movements) that target many muscles at once.

Also, by doing supersets you’ll increase the intensity of your workout by overloading your muscles.

Yes, they don’t necessarily lead to a greater total calorie burn than traditional strength training.

But, they save time by reducing the rest interval between the two exercises.

Shortening the rest period between sets will increase the intensity by performing more work in less time. Thus, help you gain muscles.

And, unlike fat cells, muscle tissues burn calories, even when resting. They also encourage the body to use fat for fuel.

Some endomorph exercises for weight loss to include are: Presses, pulls, squats and deadlifts.

Why? Because these compound exercises involve multiple joints and muscle groups.

The more joints and muscles involved in an exercise, the more energy you use and the more fat you burn.

Compound lifts also target fast-twitch muscle fibers that help build size and burn fat since these muscles have a high metabolic demand.

Is Running Good For Endomorphs?

Cardiovascular exercises such as running can burn calories and help create a calorie deficit.

This means that you use more calories than you consume and potentially you burn excess body fat.

But, it may be easier for you to shift from fat to muscle versus strictly dropping pounds.

Meaning that, running is good for endomorphs combined with strength training.

Is Walking Good For Endomorphs?

For beginners, brisk walking for a long period is recommended for endomorphs to lose weight instead of high-intensity cardio exercises.

So, can endomorphs lose weight by walking?

Walking is a moderate-intensity exercise that can be easily incorporated into your daily life.

And, it is important for weight control because it helps you burn calories.

Endomorph Diet Plan For Weight Loss

According to the diet’s theory, endomorphs have slower metabolisms.

Since they don’t burn calories as fast as ectomorphs and mesomorphs, excess calories are more likely to convert to fat.

Because of this, the endomorph diet plan for weight loss should consist of more healthy fat and protein and fewer carbohydrates.

Which is great because endomorphic body types tend to convert carbohydrates into fat more easily than others.

Some of the foods you should eat while you’re on the diet include: Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

Endomorph Diet Plan For Weight Loss

At the same time, you will need to avoid processed foods, dairy products, and trans fats.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should cut all carbs from your diet.

On the contrary, eliminating all carbs from your diet or drastically reducing their intake could result in some health issues like: Fatigue, muscle cramps, and headaches.

To avoid these unwanted symptoms, switch to healthy sources of carbohydrates, like fresh fruits, starchy vegetables, and whole grains.

  • Endomorph Macros For Weight Loss 

According to the American Council of Exercise (ACE), you should follow this formula for optimal results:

  • 30% Carbohydrates
  • 35% Protein
  • 35% Fat

Depending on your body goals, you can get even more energy from fat (up to 40%) while further reducing your carb intake (25% or more).

But, rather than making abrupt dietary changes, you should lower your carbohydrate intake gradually.

Portion control is also important when reducing body fat as an endomorph. This helps you avoid excess calorie consumption.

Eating 200 to 500 fewer calories than you normally consume is crucial for an endomorph to lose weight.

  • How many calories should an endomorph eat to lose weight?

Regardless of your body type, the best way to lose weight is to ensure you create a calorie deficit.

If you’re wondering how to lose weight for endomorph, reducing your daily calorie intake by 300-500 calories should do the trick.

Don’t opt for restrictive diets with fewer than 1200 calories a day because the insufficient caloric intake could put your body into “starvation mode” and prompt it to hold on to fat.

  • What foods should Endomorphs avoid?

According to the ACE people with an endomorph body type tend to be more sensitive to carbohydrates and insulin. 

Hence, people following an endomorph diet may wish to limit or avoid carbohydrate-dense foods, especially refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar.

Endomorphic bodies are also more likely to convert excess calories into fat.

For the same reason, people following an endomorph diet may also want to avoid foods that are calorie-dense but nutrient-poor such as:

  • White bread, white rice, traditional pasta, and bagels.
  • Candies, chocolates, and other sweets.
  • Baked goods and cakes.
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, and sports drinks.
  • Refined cereals and heavily processed or fried foods.
  • Rich dairy products, such as cream, whipped cream, and ice cream.

Are there any benefits to being an endomorph?

The advantage of being an endomorph is the ability to recover from exercise rapidly. So, frequent exercise is a good idea.

Intensity is also important; the endomorph is naturally strong and can perform compounds lifts easier, so heavy-weight resistance training is usually well-responded.

Are There Any Benefits To Being An Endomorph

  • Are Endomorphs stronger than Mesomorphs? 

Trained endomorphs carry more muscle. Therefore, much more glycogen and they are consequently stronger than other body types.

Their bones are also denser, thicker and as a consequence, they generally tend to lift heavier weights and perform compound exercises with ease.

Final Thoughts – How To Lose Weight as an Endomorph?

In conclusion, we want to emphasize that every individual body is, to one degree or another, unique. And, we all possess traits from each of the three main bodies ‘types’ (ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph).

However, classifying ourselves to fit into these types does help us make some basic decisions regarding our training and nutrition.

Generally speaking, endomorphs, have a slow metabolism and they find it difficult to shift excess body fat and lose weight.

By understanding your body type, as well as the unique challenges faced by endomorphs, may help you drop pounds and hit your fitness goals with ease.

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