15 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning!


Water is the most crucial element to keep our bodies alive since most of our organism’s functions depend on hydration.

However, the habit of consuming this vital liquid decreased over time, although it seems somewhat surprising and unnatural.

Why? Due to all the other beverages available and marketing. But water is always the best for us!

The human body is 60% water; muscles, organs, and blood are composed of this liquid. Even the bones have a significant amount, too.

That is why it should not be something extraordinary to remember the importance of consuming sufficient amounts of water each day.

No matter how much other fluids you drink!

Many people claim that one of the best times to drink water is during the morning.

Because in the first hours of the day, your body reacts better to hydration.

And, if that’s not enough for you, below are 15 health benefits of drinking water in the morning.

what happens to your body when you drink water?

Water Health Benefits

Water fulfills a series of functions in the human body for its proper development. Without it, our system would collapse!

Although the process of cellular respiration is capable of generating this liquid, the amount we eliminate is higher.

That is why it is essential to drink enough of it!

Water transports the nutrients we consume because it makes blood circulation possible.

The body’s thermal regulation depends on proper hydration. This works as an insulator against heat and cold. Water is essential for the sweating process, which is indispensable for cooling the body.

One of the functions of water is to produce in our body adequate lubrication. The fluids that run through our bodies depend on this liquid. Likewise, the intestinal, respiratory, urinary, and gastric mucous membranes do not function well if we do not drink the right amount of water.

The maintenance of cell structure is one of the main functions of water in the body. This allows us to maintain our shape by absorbing the impact of the shocks we receive. 

  • How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

Health experts commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses (which equals about 2 liters).

It must be clear that this is the minimum amount of water you should consume, you must pay attention to what your body asks you to do.

If you feel thirsty at any time outside of those moments, drink some water.

Your first choice should be this vital liquid. Leave the other drinks to accompany a meal or snack.

Although you should emphasize drinking water in the morning, you can make a simple distribution.

This is especially useful for those who find it difficult to drink plenty of the vital liquid, regularly.

  • When Does Dehydration Occur?

Dehydration occurs when we do not get enough water by drinking or eating. 

Then the liquid that we excrete through sweat, urine, breath, and the digestive tract increases. You definitely don’t want this to happen to you!

  • What is the Best temperature for drinking water?

There is no agreement on the ideal temperature for drinking water. People defend their favorite, and the one they believe has more benefits.

What we can tell you is that each of the temperatures has its functions and its advantages.

Cold Water

Drinking cold water helps you to lose weight if you combine it with exercise and a healthy diet.

It also stabilizes the internal temperature, so we usually drink it after practicing a sport or training. 

Warm Water

The best thing about drinking warm water is that it will not cause you any health problems.

This temperature of the vital liquid does not produce any abrupt change in your body.

That is why you can drink it at any time of the day and during any activity.

Hot Water

Hot water is your best ally when you have a cold.

It helps you increase the flow of the nasal mucous. It also has a gastric function because it helps process food and helps the intestine work properly.

Besides, the hot water is a natural diuretic that promotes the release of toxins from the body.

In Japan, China, and other Asian countries, its use is quite usual.

Is it beneficial to drink water with lemon?


Lemon has citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bio flavones, and pectin. 

Besides, it has antibacterial properties, strengthens the immune system, help your burn calories and maintains the body’s PH.

However, when diluted in so much water, it decreases its attributes.

Also, its excess consumption can be harmful to the stomach because of its acidity.

Our recommendation is that you use it without expecting too many benefits.

It can work as a flavoring to give a more fun touch to the water you are going to drink.

What Are The Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach?

In recent years, it has become popular to drink water on an empty stomach It is the best thing you can do when you wake up.

One or two glasses of water in the first moments of the day is what your body needs, even if your brain wakes up thinking about a cup of coffee.

After hours of sleep, it is common to wake up dehydrated.

That is why drinking water just after waking up works as fuel for the body. It reactivates the proper functioning of our organs and muscles.

Here are some of the health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning:

Water consumption on overnight fasting activates your body’s chemical reactions.

Drinking water overnight cleanses the colon and facilitates the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat during the day.

Cold water on an empty stomach helps tone your body, and hot water can relieve gastritis and keep cold away.

Drinking water on an empty stomach can help you balance the acidity level in the gastric acids.

The vital liquid in the first minutes of the day helps you fight and prevent constipation.

During the night, the body repairs cells and does an internal cleaning. If you drink water on an empty stomach, you contribute to the release of these wastes through urine.

Drinking a glass of hot water on an empty stomach can eliminate feelings of sleep and tiredness.

15 benefits of drinking water in the morning

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Drinking enough water in the morning increases the benefits it has.

Proper hydration at the beginning of the day prepares the body for what it will have to face in its daily life. It is as vital as having a good breakfast.

Here are 15 top health benefits of drinking water in the morning:

  • 1. Improve your intestinal health.

If you drink water in the morning, you will stimulate the intestinal movement.

When you eat some food, it will be easier and faster to evacuate. In short, staying hydrated helps you go to the bathroom regularly.

This is a legitimate reason to adopt this habit.

  • 2. Water helps the lymphatic system.

Your body will have an advantage in keeping body fluids balanced if you drink water in the morning.

If you have a proper balance of body fluids, then your organs will function well. 

The lymphatic system is one of the most benefited from drinking water in the morning.

  • 3. Improve your immune system.

A person who has adequate hydration is someone who has an effective immune system.

If you consume enough water, your body will be prepared to fight any disease you may suffer.

This is a benefit to consider when deciding to improve your water intake.

  • 4. Drinking water in the morning helps your skincare.

Healthy skin depends broadly on your moisturizing habits. Drinking water in the morning helps maintain skin tone and elasticity.

This means that it can help you prevent wrinkles earlier. Without a doubt, this is something you will be grateful for!

  • 5. Helps you lose weight and speeds up your metabolism.

Drinking water can be your best ally when it comes to losing weight.

Its consumption in the first hours of the day hydrates you, satiates you, and promotes fat burning. Plus, it helps you speed up your metabolism.

This is one of the best 15 benefits of drinking water in the morning!

  • 6. Increases the rate of urine and the cleanliness of the kidneys.

If you consume enough water during the morning, you will inevitably urinate several times during this period.

In this way, you will drain your kidneys, helping to eliminate any toxins.

  • 7. Combats the effects of cigarette, alcohol, and junk food consumption.

If you are a person who drinks alcohol, smokes cigarettes, and eats junk food, you should consider drinking plenty of water during your mornings.

Having a hydrated body is the best way to combat the damage these substances cause to your well-being.

It is best to stop using these things, but if you can’t help it, it is best to pay attention to these 15 benefits of drinking water in the morning. 

  • 8. Drinking water in the morning can control the cortisol and relieve stress.

It is so beneficial to drink water in the morning that it even affects your body on a hormonal level.

If you drink enough fluids, you can ensure control of cortisol, a hormone that regulates stress.

This is another significant reason to take your hydration seriously.

  • 9. Drinking water in the morning can reduce headaches and migraines.

One of the reasons for headaches and migraines is dehydration.

Therefore, it is good to know that just by drinking a few glasses of water in the morning, we can avoid one of the causes of these ailments.

Anyone who suffers from these problems knows that they have to take care of their hydration and are happy to do it!

  • 10. Brain function benefits from morning water intake.

Your brain is 75% water. That gives you a good idea of the importance of drinking water to feed your mind.

A dehydrated brain will not be able to function at its optimal level. 

Starting the day with several glasses of water will cause the brain cells to receive oxygenated blood.

This way, your mind will feel clear, alert, and sharp during the day. What could be better than having a productive life

  • 11. Prevents liquid retention.

One of the 15 benefits of drinking water in the morning is to avoid fluid retention in your body.

A well-hydrated organism has little chance of suffering from this condition. 

The first thing a doctor recommends to people who go through this problem is to take care of their hydration.  

  • 12. Water in the morning works as a lubricant for muscles and articulations.

The muscles and joints depend on hydration for their proper functioning. 

Water can work as a lubricant for them.

This is something that athletes know very well, that is why they put so much attention into staying hydrated.

If you want your body to function at its best when you play sports, do not forget to drink water in the morning.

  • 13. It can decrease tachycardia and improve heart problems.

Although, it will not cure you of this type of heart disease, it will help you manage it in the best way.

Water is one of the things responsible for blood circulation and heart function. That’s why it makes sense to be helpful in these cases.

  • 14. Decreases arthritis symptoms.

Many illnesses and diseases can be less severe if we have proper hydration. 

In the case of arthritis, water consumption allows patients to have adequate mobility of the joints.

We can say that it is better to have a hydrated body to face any disease.

  • 15. Drinking water in the morning improves the digestive tract.

Water is essential for the digestive tract to work optimally.

It acts as dissolving nutrients for the blood to absorb and transport them to the cells.

In short, if you hydrate yourself from the morning, you will feed yourself more efficiently.

Final Thoughts – Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

We hope that these 15 amazing health benefits of drinking water in the morning will encourage you to increase your water intake.

And by implementing a balanced diet (like this one here) along with some physical activity you’ll even notice better results in your body and health.