How To Lose 40 Pounds In 6 Weeks?


When we regularly eat inappropriately, there’s quite likely that our weight and body shape will reflect that.

But don’t worry, we got you! Here you will learn how to lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks!

Of course, this is not about a lightning diet that will get you feeling awful and will make you lose your progress as soon as you quit.

We are talking about losing 40 pounds in 45 days but in a healthy way, without risking your life. Stay with us and achieve your ideal figure!

Healthy lifestyle vs. just losing weight

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A lot of people believe that losing weight as fast as possible will help them reach the body that they want.

However, what happens is that they are putting their lives at risk every day!

Abruptly losing weight will only work for a short time. If people don’t make significant long-term lifestyle changes, they will likely recover the pounds they lost. Or even worst, gain more than before! We bet that’s not what you want!

Well, let us tell you, this happens because changing our lifestyle to a healthier one is much more than only losing 40 pounds in 6 weeks and looking thin.

The World Health Organization has explained that a healthy lifestyle is a balance between different aspects of our lives that help us stay physically, emotionally, and psychologically healthy. 

The key is making these healthy practices part of our routine.

Not only will our body function better and be healthy; in fact, our appearance will reflect those changes too.

To understand why it’s necessary to have a lifestyle, we will explain what happens in the human body when overweight and having an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Not eating is not the solution! The impact of changing our lifestyle behaviors.

Another common myth is that good eating behavior means not eating anything that has fat.

Many rookie dieters make this mistake when aiming to change their lifestyles.

To lose weight effectively and control our health, we must not stop eating. 

On the contrary, we need to learn how to eat balanced to improve our metabolisms

An influential overweight cause is slow metabolism, which means our body doesn’t use energy correctly.

It starts converting and storing those extra calories into fat cells all over our body, affecting the organs and body systems’ functionality.

Maybe you wonder if it is possible to lose 40 pounds in just 6 weeks; let us tell you that it is possible!

The first thing to do is to accelerate our metabolism, teach our body to eat healthily, and have an active lifestyle.

Believe us when we tell you that not eating is not an option; eating well and healthy is the key!

7 Tips to lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks safely


To drop those 40 lbs in 6 weeks, you need to make some changes on different levels in your life to help you reach your goals.

Let’s check what you need to do!

  • Psychological strategies.

Our mind is powerful, and to achieve notable changes in our eating habits, we must train our brains to do so. 

  • Change your mentality about your body.

Sometimes, a wrong body-perception leads us to poor eating habits, both in over-eating and under-eating.

That is why it is indispensable to change our mindset about losing weight.

Some researchers explain that changing our opinion about our figure or about weight loss helps us to adapt better to new healthy eating habits. 

Changing our minds is about appreciating our body positively and understanding that we need to take care of ourselves.

It’s about learning the value of keeping a healthy lifestyle instead of just looking thinner.

It is also about understanding that food is not a reward, and working out is not torture. 

  • Keep realistic weight loss goals.

It is possible to lose 40 pounds in 6 weeks, but don’t be fooled by diets that promise miracles in a week!

Continuous effort and determination are the only things that will help you achieve your goals.

All those weird diets that only restrain eating and do not teach you how to eat better will make you gain weight after leaving them. 

Changing your lifestyle is also about being honest with yourself.

Let’s say you eat an extra-large double-cheeseburger with a diet coke every night, and you haven’t exercised in a while.

Let us tell you that even if your other meals are healthy, you’re not doing anything to achieve your goal! 

We’re not saying stop eating what you like, but you shouldn’t trick yourself because you won’t make the efforts you need to have a better lifestyle.

  • Celebrate your achievements, reward yourself!

To program our minds and adopt our new lifestyle positively, we must recognize our achievements.

If your big goal is to lose 40 pounds in 45 days, every time you look at your weight and see how far you’ve come, you can healthily reward yourself.

Rewarding yourself is also one of the easiest ways to keep your motivation high on your road to losing 40 pounds in 6 weeks.

  • Eating behaviors.

A healthy diet is consuming balanced nutrition and from all the food groups, leaving none out. 

It is organizing our meals in a way that you can maintain an optimal state of health without skipping the intake of what you like to eat.

Overeating or snacking junk food often can become a problem because we unbalance our diet.

Consuming quantities that can lead us to gain more and more weight. 

Nowadays, many diets have lots of advantages; the selection will depend on what your body needs.

That’s why you must take care of which one to choose and follow your nutritionist expert’s instructions so that your body does not suffer adverse effects. 

To reach our goal in six weeks, we need to lose a total of 6-9 pounds weekly. So we will need to decrease the 500-700 calories we eat daily.

Among the most famous diets, the following ones allow you to create the caloric deficit you need:

The Paleo Diet.

This plan is based on the idea that we are programmed to eat what our Paleolithic ancestors did.

It consists of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and avoiding consumption of dairy products, legumes, processed foods, sugars, starches, alcohol, and vegetables.

The Dukan Diet.

The French nutritionist Pierre Dukan creates this regime very similar to the paleo diet. It is about the consumption of foods that primitive men ate.

This diet has been based on the concept that by consuming a large amount of protein and restricting carbohydrates and fats, our body needs to consume fat deposits as an energy source.

However, its effectiveness is still a subject of controversy.

Hypocaloric diet.

This diet centers on the consumption of calories that are necessary for the functioning of our body.

That is why we calculate how many calories we need in our daily routine to control food consumption and intake. 

The regime establishes that the calculation of the caloric consumption per day to create a caloric deficit will depend on sex, age, health status, daily physical activity, and metabolisms. The plan includes all group foods.

  • Physical activity.

No diet will be enough if we do not complete it with a physical activity routine to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

That is why we must combine exercises with healthy eating behaviors.

So, our organism consumes and maintains a healthy balance of consumption and replacement of energy.

For weight loss, it is necessary to create an exercise routine according to our capacities and strength.

Several exercises will help you burn calories quickly; the important thing is to maintain and increase each exercise circuit’s repetitions. 

Also, apart from providing adequate health conditions, constant exercise helps our minds to generate a sense of well-being.

This keeps us motivated to achieve our goals.

  • You are not alone!

Remember that the combination of these three aspects will allow you to reach the goal of losing 40 pounds in 6 weeks.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that you can count on professionals (nutritionists, trainers, and psychologists) guidance on your path to success. 

Concurrently, according to specialists, sharing the life changes you wish to make with your loved ones can boost your weight loss spirit.

They probably can accompany you on your journey and be a fantastic support for you. 

Supporting each other is the key to making our weight loss journey easier!

That’s why joining this weight loss program with thousands of other high-driven and motivated people that are in the same boat as you is by far one of the best decisions you can take to help you reach your fitness goals!

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  1. Jane T.

    Losing 40 pounds in 6 weeks is definitely possible but you would need to be particular on everything that you do from your exercise and the amount of food you eat. You are absolutely right that to lose those 40 pounds, you shouldn’t starve yourself. It’s the number one mistake people do and while they will see initial pounds shed off those pounds will be gained back. Definitely would say mindset and relationship with food is the first thing you have to change. How bad do you want to make changes in your life? This post hit home because I also needed to lose a few pounds and it only happened when I changed my mindset about health, food and exercise.

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