Can You Build Muscle Without Protein? (Muscle Building Tips)

Can You Build Muscle Without Protein

A key tactic to build your muscles is learning how to eat accordingly.

The muscle tissue is highly packed with protein. If you want to grow bigger muscles, it is necessary to keep your protein intake.

We want to guide you, help you learn what can be helpful to increase your muscle mass in a healthy and efficient way. 

Can You Build Muscle Without Protein?

Protein For Muscle Growth

The short answer is NO, your muscles tissues are made up mainly by protein. Not to mention that the proteins are part of the basic nutrition you need.

Now, the other big question that you may want to ask is: Do you need protein shakes to improve your muscular mass

Your body not only uses proteins for your muscles.

Other vital functions like organ repairs, the immune system, and hormones require proteins.

If you don’t ingest enough proteins, your body won’t build up new muscle tissue even if you train hard, as it will be used in the other vital functions. 

For this extra intake of protein, you don’t actually need protein supplements.

With a proper food plan per week and a strict schedule, you will obtain enough proteins to develop your muscles. 

  • How Much Protein Is Enough?

This question depends on many different factors.

First, not all protein sources are the same, for a well-rounded diet you need high-quality proteins.

These proteins have all types of essential amino acids, which are perfect for your muscle building.

Some examples are meat, chicken, fish, eggs, quinoa, and soy. 

Some medical researchers have determined a rule to know the optimal amount of proteins.

You need to take between 0.55 to 0.99 grams of high-quality protein per kilogram of your body each day.

Of course, this rule provides a vague idea for your diet. You need to try what amount of proteins provides you better results.

It is recommendable to start on a small amount, for example, 0.35 grams of protein per kilogram of your body.

Then, start increasing the amount slowly until you reach the best outcome.

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What Should You Avoid To Build More Muscles Efficiently?

Protein and Muscles

Even if you train every day, a high protein diet can be unhealthy.

After all, any excess is bad for your body. A diet with too much protein can damage your body in the long run.

If you consume too many proteins, even working out, your body won’t be able to metabolize and use all these nutrients.

Yet, it is in our DNA to accumulate these nutrients like sugar and fat.

That leads to gaining weight and of course severe health problems and you can avoid these problems with a balanced diet.

Another part of your bodybuilding strategy is that you should step back from certain foods and remain from adding them to your diet.

You need the discipline to keep these foods at a minimum. 

you need to avoid alcoholic beverages.

It will decrease the ability of your body to lose fat.

Your performance and muscle generation will also decrease, so it is recommendable to keep alcohol to a minimum. 

You need food as nutritious as possible.

So, you should avoid processed food such as candies, donuts, cookies, and cakes, these are a calorie bomb with few nutrients.

You need to be careful with added sugar on the food you consume since even sports drinks can have unnecessary amounts of sugar that will slow down your muscle building process. 

Deep-fried food is also problematic.

The high levels of the non-beneficial fat present can be counterproductive to your diet rich in nutrients.

In addition, this type of food can decrease the rate you metabolize the nutrients.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Muscle Building

  • You also need carbohydrates

Yes, proteins are important but you need to be sure to not neglect other basic food groups, especially carbohydrates.

As you grow your muscles, you need to gain weight with complex carbohydrates to maintain the fuel your body will consume. 

Eating carbs will help you maintain a high level of energy, which you need to train harder and work your muscles.

After the training, carbohydrates are part of the nutrients that will help you build your muscle tissue

Some good examples of great carbs sources are brown bread, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, and whole-wheat pasta.

Moreover, these ingredients have high levels of fiber, which is excellent for your digestive system and to facilitate your nutrient assimilation. 

  • Unprocessed foods are big allies

The less processed the ingredients you use the better for your nutrition. For example, whole-wheat pasta has more nutrients than regular pasta.

These kinds of decisions can be a huge booster in your diet to enhance nutritional intake

Natural and unprocessed food is easier for your body to digest.

Another great benefit is that you can avoid all the unnecessary added sugar and chemical preservatives that won’t be beneficial for your body.

  • Don’t forget to drink water 

Keeping an eye on your hydration is a must.

You need to drink constantly water if you increase your protein intake because your body needs to consume extra water to metabolize the proteins and get rid of the toxins. 

Additionally, if you keep well hydrated, you facilitate the process of recovery of your body and the creation of new muscle tissue.

This process is called cell volumization and it is a great benefit to help you increase your muscle volume.

Not to mention that proper hydration helps you keep the best performance. 

  • Rest is important

If you want big muscles, working out is mandatory.

However, a vital requirement for this process that can be easily ignored is resting enough.

Getting enough sleep and taking days off to recover from your training will give a well-deserved break to your cells.

Your body needs to recover from fatigue and regenerate all the tissue and create new ones.           

You should not overwork yourself. Otherwise, you won’t achieve the muscle growth you are looking for but will harm your body.

Remember, you need to train hard but not until excessive exhaustion. 

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