The 14 Day Boiled Egg Diet: How Many Pounds Can You Lose?

14 Day Boiled Egg Diet

Weight loss programs tend to be stiff, and choices are not a common thing in alimentary regimes.

But among rare exceptions, the egg diet has an innovative proposal that may change the way you see weight loss!

This one of a kind diet presents to you several roads leading to the same destination: a healthier and slenderized body.

Discover why the 14 day boiled egg diet is the easiest of them all!

It’s not a secret that commitment is the hardest part of any diet.

We need to comply with specific rules that most likely include eating some foods and avoiding others.

In this sense, the regular egg diet is pretty clear: you need to eat eggs in every meal.

Of course, you may quickly think about 5 or 6 egg-based recipes that will help you go through.

But when you get to day 4, every food other than eggs will start attracting us unavoidably.

That’s where the 14 day boiled egg diet beats the traditional method by adding a new player into the game: complementary foods.

  • Set the rules of the game!

So, we’ve already told you that the 14 day boiled egg diet is a modification of the traditional egg diet that focuses on helping us overcome the hardest part of the commitment.

In the first place, adding complementary foods also adds flavor to your meals, making it hardest for you to get sick of eggs.

On the other hand, it also modifies the way you have to eat the eggs.

Unlike in the traditional way, in the 14 day boiled egg diet, only ONE of your meals must include two boiled eggs.

But also, in this modern version, snacks of any kind are forbidden.

This forbiddance means you’ll have one meal with two boiled eggs and complementary foods, and two other regular (healthy) meals.

That’s it; you don’t get to eat in between, even if it’s light snacks.

But again, remember this diet lasts only 14 days; you won’t believe how easy it is to stay on track and come out as conqueror of day 14!

  • Win the game with lean protein!

So, the first thing you need to know is that in this diet, there’s not a specific amount of weight you’ll lose after the 14 days.

Bodies work in different ways. That’s why your friend – who noticed your change and followed the diet too -, may obtain different results.

But one thing is sure, though: results are noticeable.

Like we said earlier, the one thing everybody will have in common when dieting is finding it hard to commit.

So, yes, the 14 day boiled egg diet uses complementary foods as a resource to fight this common struggle.

In this sense, your best partner will be other proteins.

A combination of eggs, which have 6 grams of protein and enough calories for keeping your muscular mass, with the metabolization of lean protein, is the winning tool for step up to the challenge!

But that’s not it! Protein is just one of the complementary foods that will help you win this game!

The Boiled Egg Diet and greens

14 Day Boiled Egg Diet Plan

All vegetables are diet-friendly, but not all of them are winning tools in this game.

Broccoli and mushrooms are some of the not starchy vegetables that help you evade the struggles.

Raw, grilled, fried with no more than a few drops of oil, or cooked in an oven. 

But, peppers are the low-carb greens that will serve as a weapon in your game There are the greatest of all eating time.

The 25 grams of dietary fiber in 100 grams of this delicious vegetable, is a quarter of the mile between you and the day fourteenth of the 14 day boiled egg diet.

Once you feel all fired up with the idea of going full throttle into this weight loss program, pave the road with enough volume and minerals to properly burn some tires. 

This vegetable has so few calories per gram, that you can get full of it, and the caloric impact will still be lower than any other food!

14 days Boiled Egg Diet Recipes

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The above video goes through 4 boiled egg salad recipes for weight loss. If you need more ideas check the section below.

Boiled egg stuffed pepper


  • 1 red bell pepper.
  • 2 boiled eggs.
  • ½ tablespoon of olive oil.
  • 20 grams of mozzarella cheese.


Boil the eggs and preheat the oven at 350°.

Wash the pepper and cut its stem out, chop the red pepper in half, and remove all content. 

Then wash the seeds out of each half with warm water. Carefully check out for seeds or fleshy core remaining in the pepper.

Chop the boiled eggs in not so small pieces and fill each red pepper’s half with it. On top of that, apply the cheese and olive oil. 

Put the two half portions of your carryable breakfast in the oven.

This breakfast provides a high amount of protein, thanks to the mozzarella cheese, which is low in calories but also contains enough protein for a high-performance morning. 

Vitamin C is present in the red peppers. That’s why we cook it for less than 10 minutes, so the cheese and olive oil melt over the boiled eggs, but the vitamins in the red bell pepper crust don’t disappear.

Hake & Eggs Sandwich


  • 1 medium-size hake fillet.
  • 3 garlic cloves.
  • 1/2 spoon of oregano.
  • 1/2 spoon of vegetable oil.
  • 2 boiled eggs.
  • Diet bread.
  • Salt & pepper.


Preheating the oiled skillet.

Peel and chop the garlic cloves into not so thin slices. Once the skillet is hot enough, add the garlic slices. 

With a wooden spoon, move the garlic around a little and then take them to the center of the skillet.

Once the garlic slices start to get hard brown, cook the hake fillet on top of them, and season it to your taste with the salt and pepper.

Once the oil touching fillet is cooked enough (color will tell you) flip it, add the oregano on top, and cook it on low temperature.

Slice the boiled eggs and apply them uniformly to the bread. 

After the fillet is fully cooked but not yet dry, remove it from the pan, serve it on the bread and enjoy a tastefully sandwich for lunch!

Chicken & eggs salad


  • Roman lettuce, 1.
  • Chicken breast, 100 grams.
  • Green bell pepper, 1.
  • Garlic, ¼ of a bulb.
  • Olive oil, 1 tablespoon.
  • Vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon.
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon.
  • 2 boiled eggs.


Crush the garlic and fry it in a preheated, vegetable-oiled, cooking pot.

After most of the garlic is cooked, carefully add the chicken breast and drown it with enough water to cover it up. Salt it up and boil the protein until it is entirely white. 

Put on your safety gloves and strain the chicken breast out of the water, watching the garlic is removed too. Let the protein cool down in a not-heated sealed cooking pot.

Boil, peel, and chop the eggs. Wash and dice the green bell pepper and put it into the cooking pot.

Properly wash and chop the lettuce into your preferred form, and get it in a serving bowl with the eggs. Add the olive oil and wooden spoon it, until most lettuce is humidified.

Chop or dice the chicken breast. Mix it up with the green bell pepper, and pour it into the serving bowl.

Serve and enjoy a heavy dinner that’ll satisfy your back up energy demand for the night.

boiled egg diet plan for weight loss

Boiled Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss
  • Check yourself before you egg yourself

Make sure to get the right information about your health system. Cardiologists and nutritionists are on your side!

Don’t jump into this, or any weight loss diet plan, without having a deep knowledge of your current situation and possibilities.

You know, to avoid hurting yourself! But also, to assure that you’re aiming at the right objective.

  • A good head-start

As you can see, you may apply the 2 boiled eggs rule to any meal of your day.

But, when the first days of any single-food-based alimentary regime are disruptive, it’s harder to keep on track the last few days. 

In this sense, every 2 boiled eggs and citric fruit you get for BREAKFAST in the first 5 days, increase your chances of succeeding by making it a part of your habit.

It’s less likely for you to get bored of eggs when consuming them only in the morning, as the sleeping time makes it look more spaced from the last breakfast.

But that’s only a part of the game!

To make sure you achieve the finish line and continue your path to wellbeing, you must comply with other factors on the 14-day boiled egg diet.

  • No snacks? No problem!

The first one is that, as we mentioned, snacks are not allowed. But complementary foods step up to support you with this. 

Vegetables and fruits can be an as big part of your meal as you like (remember how peppers have so few calories? Most veggies are the same!).

Make sure to set up a high enough provision of minerals and fiber for lunch, so prohibited snacks won’t beat your will in the afternoon.

  • What About Foods To Avoid?

Sweets, milk, caloric beverages, alcohol, sugar, fried foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar, are completely banned from this diet.

This is why lean proteins are here! 

Make sure to explore as many flavors as you want to with the nearly endless possibilities that healthy-cooked chicken and fish provide.

  • Don’t worry! Your health is covered!

If it seems to you that most of the side effects and inconvenience of an egg diet are covered, it is because they are. 

The milestone of the 14 day boiled egg diet is to take 2 boiled eggs in one of your unskippable three daily meals.

While you may see slight changes in your health values such as cholesterol, they’re quickly recovered after the 14 days finish.

The short period is designed, precisely, to avoid health risks while dieting.

Due to its success as an eating day routine and the advantages that complementary food offer when it comes to variation, this is the most used version of the egg diet these days. 

But remember! In case you feel like having a bowl of fresh fruits for breakfast, you can do it!

Just search for boiled eggs based recipes available for a delicious and healthy lunch and a fulfilling and light dinner (like the ones we’ve given you previously on this article!).

Yes, eggs are the main characters in the egg diet game, but you are the hero!

  • Stay true to your will!

The only thing assured is your choice to take care of your wellbeing.

A healthier body is your reward for making such a wholesome decision. That’s why you need to keep focused on that purpose, and this is particularly important when you feel like quitting!

Committing to the egg diet reflects the opportunity you are giving yourself to change.

Opening the gates for a lot of easy-following health recommendations to your daily routine.

  • The Killer Tunes

Make sure freshness is present in every day of your life, but especially in the egg diet.

One way to easily endure this program is betting on the quality of fresh food and its effect on your wellbeing.

  • The backside of the 14th moon

When your diet time is almost ready, your cholesterol level may need to lose its overcharge after two weeks of consuming boiled eggs.

Like many successful diets, the egg diet is considerably restrictive. 

So, it will be nice to reward yourself with some extra avocados at lunch for a few days after finishing the diet.

Avocados are an excellent source of healthy fats, which help to lower your levels after so many days of dieting.

Physical exercise to reinforce the 14 days Boiled Egg Diet

Workout Plan For Weight Loss

Now that commitment motivates you to keep going to a flawless victory, get yourself a stair to the highest of the podium with a HIIT routine.

3 sessions of 40 minutes of high-intensity interval training, per week, while going through the 14-day boiled egg diet, will boost your results!

At the end of the diet, you’ll be able to add a couple of more sessions of HIIT per week and go the extra mile without walking down the aisle of sacrifices.

Your energy will boost as a result of the conscious regularization of your eating regime.

Snacks may appear as a healthy cereal bar, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner may get a little meatier.

But, you’ll be more physically active and won’t crave sweets and processed foods so much, the change in your life is real!

P.S: If you’re having a hard time noticing any results and want to quicken your weight loss journey, check out this powerful new dieting formula that combines multiple benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted!