Swimming And Weightlifting – Everything You Need To Know!

Swimming And Weightlifting

There are many ways to get in shape; from running to rock-climbing, there are hundreds of ways to stay healthy, helping to prevent nasty ailments such as heart disease or obesity.

That being said, it’s pretty overwhelming to see all the variety of options there really are.

That’s why we’ve picked out 2 popular exercises that we feel are the best, not just in the exercise that you’ll get, but also in the fun you’ll have while doing them!

Swimming and Weightlifting, are not only 2 of the most popular exercises, but they are also great ways to slim down and get in shape.

In this article, you’ll discover how to get started with these exercises, pros and cons, and even how to make them fun!



Looking for a way to beat the heat? Or maybe you’re a hydrophile who is looking for a way to stay in shape, as well as in the water?

Swimming is a great workout, it works out almost every muscle in your body, giving you a full-body workout without having to do multiple workouts, going from workout machine to the other.

With swimming, all you have to do is MOVE!

  • How to Get Started with swimming?

Of course, the best thing for someone to have if they’re interested in swimming is access to a pool, whether that be a public or a private one.

The important thing here is to have a pool large enough to be able to practice and move around comfortably. Hence, a crowded public pool might not be the best choice in this case.

Once you have regular pool access, get to swimming!

There are plenty of exercises out there made specifically for swimming, including simply wading around! 

  • Swimming Pros

The main pro to swimming as an exercise is the full-body workout it gives you, as well as the large number of calories it burns.

Another great thing about swimming is being able to beat the summer heat!

Especially during the summer months, a pool could be the only thing standing between you and a Netflix marathon.

  • Swimming Cons

While swimming is great, it doesn’t come with its downsides.

First, if you decide to own a pool, even putting the initial cost aside, maintaining a pool, and keeping it clean can cost you some money.

Even if you decide to buy all the equipments to clean and maintain it yourself, you can still find yourself maxing out your credit card.

If you decide to go the public route, be aware that you’ll be sharing the pool with other people, meaning that privacy is no longer a thing.

  • How to Make swimming Fun?

A great way to make swimming fun is to do time trials.

Time trials, when swimming, are races against yourself (or even a friend), in which you time yourself doing a particular swimming routine.

For example you can do a round of backstrokes, then a round of butterfly strokes, and time yourself while doing it.

Then, try and beat it! This gives you a great incentive to push yourself to your limits, strengthening your body overall.



While intimidating to many, weightlifting is an excellent way to stay in shape

However, something to remember is the proper techniques and procedures for weightlifting, to avoid injuries.

Following these rules and regulations will not only ensure your overall safety, but it will also build your muscles up efficiently, giving you that toned and healthy body!

This makes weightlifting a great exercise, and while it mostly focuses on your upper body and torso, implementing it into a full-body workout routine can prove to be extremely effective.

  • How to Get Started with WeightLifting?

The most popular way to get into weightlifting is to join a gym.

Gyms have various rules regarding weightlifting, as well as different resources for said exercise.

That being said, it’s important to “shop around” gyms, and find the one that’s best for you.

Do you prefer more space, or do you not mind being close to others? How close is this gym to your home? Questions like this are very important to consider when deciding to join a gym.

Of course, you could always get the equipment and start your home gym

But, be careful with this though; with certain types of weightlifting, it’s important to have a “spotter”, or someone that will watch you lifting, making sure you don’t accidentally drop it on yourself out of overexertion. 

If you have access to someone who can spot you at home, feel free to create your home gym, dumbbells, and all! 

  • WeightLifting Pros

A pro with weightlifting is the upper body workout you get.

If you’re looking specifically to put on some muscles and lose the unwanted body fat then, weightlifting is definitely for you.

  • WeightLifting Cons

The main weightlfting downside is that people who attempt to lift too much weight and/or use improper form are likely to suffer from serious injuries.

  • How to Make WeightLifting Fun?

A great way to make weightlifting fun is to compete against friends! Good healthy competition is great for motivation and creating ambitions.

Making a friendly competition against friends to see who can lift the most (while maintaining a proper form of course!) is a great way to not only promote healthy living for yourself but your friends as well.

Swimming and Weightlifting – final Thoughts

From pools to barbells, all the equipment recommendations can be a little too much. But, it’s important to stay healthy no matter what.

Swimming and weightlifting, while they both require more equipments than just your body, are both great ways to stay healthy.

So get out there, and start swimming, or pick up that barbell and start lifting those weights, no better time than now!

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