Slim Diet Patch Review 2021: The Real Fat-Burning Deal?

Slim Diet Patch Review

It can be crazy trying to decide on one single supplement or treatment to help you keep your weight under control, burn through the fat, and sculpt those muscles.

With about a million options at your disposal, how do you choose just one?

In this Slim Diet Patch review, we will be looking at an innovative, and very interesting product designed to help you lose weight and achieve the figure you’ve always dreamed of.

NOTE: If you already have an idea about Slim Diet Patch and you just want to know where to buy the original weight loss patches? Then, we highly recommend you to visit the manufacturer’s official site, that’s the only place you can get the real Slim Diet Patch.

Apart from this, you can also check our final ratings and verdict at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, we have a lot to cover, that being said let’s review some of the factors that help us make an informed choice:

Most importantly, you want to check that the ingredients are all organic and that there is enough independent research to support their benefits for your health and weight.

This is what this article will do for Slim Diet Patch a little later on.

Second, you want to look for the right product for you.

While some products boost your metabolism and help you burn through calories quicker, other supplements focus on suppressing your appetite and making you eat less. Yet, they are both marketed as weight loss products.

This brings us to our first point in this review…

What exactly is Slim Diet Patch?

Slim Diet Patch is a bit atypical when it comes to weight loss products.

The most weight loss helpers you will find on the market either come in the form of a pill or capsule or failing that, and even as an injection.

But not Slim Diet Patch.

As the name suggests, this is an actual patch that contains tried and tested ingredients (of which we will talk in just a moment), that get released once the patch comes into contact with the skin, and are absorbed into your body.

The main purpose of the Slim Diet Patch is to help you lose weight, by ensuring the highest absorption possible (95%, according to the website).

How Does Slim Diet Patch Work?

Slim Diet Patch Reviews

See, the issue with many diets and weight loss pills is that they have to go through our digestive system first.

But once they get there, they are subjected to all sorts of strong digestive acids that tend to destroy or seriously decrease their potency.

So that by the time the pill actually gets to impact, it does very little for you.

Slim Diet Patch is designed to bypass this destructive path and go straight into your body.

This allows them to have a higher impact and full effect on the way your body manages weight, fat cells, and metabolism.

By using an exciting, carefully thought-out combination of natural ingredients, Slim Diet Patch seeks to boost your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which will in turn mean that your body burns calories at a faster, more efficient rate.  

For this reason, Slim Diet Patch works in combination with fat burning workouts, but can also be used by those with a more sedentary lifestyle, who don’t do much exercise.

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Slim Diet Patch review: a full ingredients breakdown

Slim Diet Patch Ingredients

For us, the most important part of any weight loss product review is combing through the research.

Why? Because usually, the studies that we use to prove the efficiency of a product are conducted independently from the manufacturer, and thus, their result can be trusted.

We think that any product needs to have some research backing its’ claims, otherwise it’s just empty words that don’t carry much value, regardless even of what customers might say.

The Slim Diet Patch has a surprisingly few but, powerful ingredients, consisting of Fucus Vesiculosus Seaweed Extract, Acai Fruit Extract, and Camellia Sinensis Extract.

As you can see, all these ingredients are natural, so that is already a good sign because it means no harmful chemicals will go into your body.

Too many weight loss products expose you to such chemicals that in turn impact your liver or kidneys, but not the Slim Diet Patch, it would seem.

  • Fucus Vesiculosus Seaweed Extract

Fucus Vesiculosus Seaweed Extract, also known as bladderwrack, is a really popular type of brown algae that is edible and has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes for years now.

It is a rich source of antioxidants, meaning that it can help detoxify the body and keep you healthy.

It is this antioxidant content that makes bladderwrack such a popular topical treatment, that keeps skin clean and safe from the effects of grime and pollution.

But what can it do for weight loss?

First of all, brown seaweed (as it is more commonly referred to) is a veritable treasure trove for the health of your digestive system.

It has a high nutritive content, including iron, magnesium, fiber, as well as a hoard of great vitamins.

This seaweed ensures that your body absorbs all the minerals and vitamins it needs to function properly.

So naturally, good digestive health also promotes good weight, right?

The reason brown seaweed has often been heralded as a potent weight loss ingredient is its high content of fucoxanthin, a pigment that accounts for that brown color, and also may aid fat burning.

A Japanese study found that fucoxanthin reduced body weight by 5% to 10% in test animals, and concluded that it could easily be developed into an efficient and potent medicine to fight obesity.

It is also packed with iodine, which in turn stimulates your thyroid.

Your thyroid is directly responsible for the well-functioning of your metabolism, and by stimulating that, brown seaweed is also increasing your metabolic rate and causing it to burn through fat faster.

Overall, brown seaweed is a healthy addition to your diet that seems to be supported by science in aiding you to lose weight.

  • Acai Fruit Extract

The berries of the acai fruit have long been used in traditional medicine, and are now recognized worldwide for their health benefits in treating a wide array of illnesses. 

For example, acai fruit extract is often used to help those who suffer from high cholesterol.

These berries have also been known to reduce the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the body.

2011 study looked at a ground of overweight participants who consumed an acai-rich smoothie twice daily over the course of one month.

According to the results, the amount of bad cholesterol and the overall level of cholesterol was lowered by quite a bit.

Does Acai Fruit Extract Help Weight Loss?

Yes, it would seem the acai fruit extract is also efficient in weight loss.

Acai extract is very rich in fiber, which is very beneficial for the body and promotes an overall feeling of fullness.

Meaning that, it acts a powerful appetite suppressant, making you want to eat less.

Furthermore, acai berries contain a high count of essential fatty acids, which support the health of the digestive tract (thus making it easier for your body to process foods), as well as boost your metabolism.

By boosting your metabolism, they help you burn calories at a faster rate, and prevent the fat you consume from settling (by attaching itself to fat cells).

There haven’t been too many studies that show the exact effects of acai berry extract on weight loss, but the virtues of this tropical fruit have long been known in alternative medicine.

  • Camellia Sinensis Extract

More commonly known as green or black tea, Camellia Sinensis is extracted from evergreen leaves and is often consumed as a tea, though it can often constitute a powerful ingredient in certain alternative medicines and beauty products.

Now, Camellia Sinensis Extract happens to be a really good source of caffeine, which acts as a natural stimulant in the battle for weight loss.

Caffeine stimulates the metabolism, encouraging it to burn calories at a quicker rate.

This is also why coffee is believed to aid with weight loss, though only temporarily.

More exactly, the way Camellia Sinensis Extract helps you with weight loss is through something called catechins.

Catechins are a sort of cell-protecting, very powerful antioxidants, and one of these catechins, in particular, is really useful when it comes to losing weight.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG, for short) has been the subject of a 2013 study for weight control in humans.

According to that study, EGCG, along with other catechins, has a positive effect on human metabolism, acting like a thermogenic. 

This means that EGCG heats up your body and forces your metabolism to go into overdrive, as it were, burning through calories at a quicker rate.

By thus boosting your metabolism, Camellia Sinensis Extract also doesn’t allow any fat to deposit, because it’s needed as fuel, thanks to the improved metabolism. 

Camellia Sinensis Extract has also been linked to lower stress levels.

This is good news for people looking to lose weight since stress frequently leads to overeating.

The extract has also been linked with promoting cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of heart disease, because of its high content of flavonoids (the same antioxidants present in dark chocolate).

So, if we look at the three natural ingredients of the Slim Diet Patch, we clearly see that they are all well supported in the alternative and traditional medicine communities, as well as backed by ample scientific studies, which is great.

We also love that the Slim Diet Patch does not contain any nasty or potentially harmful chemicals, as is the case with many weight loss products.

These chemicals, though effective, can have a horrible impact on other organs, such as liver or kidneys, so you don’t want them near you.

From what we’ve seen, we’d say the Slim Diet Patch passes the research test with flying colors.

Slim Diet Patch Reviews: YAY or NAY?

While research is the most important part of evaluating a product, we also rely quite heavily on what other customers have to say about it.

Why? Just because something works, in theory, does not guarantee that it also works in practice.

So for this Slim Diet Patch review section, we combed through a vast array of independent reviews, gathered from all over the Internet, to give you a thorough view of both the pros and the cons of this weight loss patch.

Slim Diet Patch Review – Pros

  • Active 24/7.
  • Great price, highly affordable.
  • Easy to use and comfortable.
  • Safer than traditional slimming supplements.
  • More efficient than oral products.
  • Helps your body recover from exercise faster.
  • Does not cause adverse reactions.
  • Helps burn through stored fat.
  • Does not require you to ingest anything.
  • Speeds up your metabolism.
  • Results in as little as a few weeks.

Slim Diet Patch Review – Cons

  • Naturally, the results may vary (depending on your particular conditions).
  • Can’t find this product in stores, so you have to order it online (see the section below).
  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you may get an irritation, (although this is very rare).

Overall, in this Slim Diet Patch review, we were hard-pressed to find any bad customer reviews.

People seem to love it, and indeed, they point out a very interesting aspect – the fact that it works throughout the day and is completely natural. 

Judging from the many positives you can find online of the Patch, we’d say it passes the Customer Review test, also, and seems to have a hoard of satisfied customers at its’ back. 

Slim Diet Patch Price and Packages

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Slim Diet Patch Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers an impressive 60-day money-back guarantee, plus one week for initial shipping.

So, an overall 67 days to judge the patch and return it, if necessary.

According to their website, simply return any unused product in the original packaging, if you’re not happy, and they will refund you 100% of the product price (minus shipping charges). 

The Ultimate Slim Diet Patch Q&A: All your questions answered!

In this Slim Diet Patch review section, we aim to answer your most pressing questions about Slim Diet Patch and help you get a better understanding of this weight loss patch.

Who should not use the Slim Diet Patch?

Although the website does not list any one group of people who should not use the Patch, we would urge you to be cautious when using this while pregnant or nursing, as well as if you suffer from a major illness that requires you to take medication.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, just that it’s best to contact your doctor beforehand.

Also, given that the Patch has a small content of caffeine, it may be best to use with caution if you have a sensitivity to that.

How do I use the Slim Diet Patch?

Using the Patch is extremely easy since it works just like a plaster.


You simply place it on your arm, thigh, back, or shoulder and allow it to work its’ magic for the next 24 hours.


Once that time is up, simply remove the patch and replace it with a fresh one.

Do I need to also exercise while using the patch?

Not necessarily, the patch can be used independently from a particular diet or training program.


However, for best results, you should also consider eating healthy meals and taking a fair bit of exercise (about 2 hours a week should be good), as that promotes healthy living and supports overall health.


Naturally, if you workout, you will lose weight a lot faster.

How many patches are there in one box?

One box contains thirty Slim Diet Patches, so supply for one month.


You can either purchase these by the box or look for any deals they might be offering for buying in bulk.

The Final Verdict: Is Slim Diet Patch For Weight Loss – Good or Bad?

So we’ve finally reached the end of our Slim Diet Patch review, and now need to give out our verdict.

First of all, a quick recap: Slim Diet Patch is an all-natural patch that allows your body to absorb its healthy ingredients straight through the skin.

It boosts metabolism and discourages fat retention, making it an ideal ingredient for weight loss. 

We loved that it’s backed by actual studies, that the ingredients within have been independently linked with weight loss (and also have lots of other great properties).

We also love what the people are saying about it, as it seems to be easy to use and efficient in maintaining a healthy weight.

So, our verdict would be that YES! The Slim Diet Patch seems to be the real deal, we’re confident that it can boost your metabolism and help keep your body weight in check.

It’s also really affordable, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go! 

Slim Diet Patch Review Summary

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