PhenGold Review 2023: Truly a Golden Key to Weight Loss?

PhenGold Supplements Review

We are always on the lookout for quality products that allow you to lose weight or bulk up in order to get you closer to your ideal figure.

That’s how we came to this PhenGold review.

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Now, before we go any further and talk about this great product, there are a couple of things you need to know about our reviews:

1. They are always 100% honest and unbiased.

We review these products from your point of view (that is, the customer’s) and seek to give you a truthful and reliable opinion.

2. They are always based on a blend of two aspects.

The science that supports/infirms the company’s claims, and the reviews from people who’ve actually used the product.

Right, that being said, let’s take a look at PhenGold!


PhenGold is a fairly new product on the market, as far as we can tell.

It’s being marketed by Swiss Research Labs LTD, a brand only registered last year. 

However, in spite of its short life, PhenGold already seems to have amassed a quite impressive hoard of loyal fans.

Of course, we will be talking about them and what they have to say in another section (so scroll on for that). 

At its core, PhenGold seems to fall into the former category of products that we set out to review, that is ones targeted toward natural weight loss.

This sort of product is often used in tandem with either quality bulking supplements (like Brutal Force) or simply with a rigorous training regimen.

This helps you fortify your muscles, and as you shed excess weight (thanks to PhenGold), you are also defining your muscles through training, which will make the end result that much more polished and enviable.

That being said, let’s see how it works.

How is PhenGold supposed to work?

PhenGold Review

PhenGold uses a careful blend of natural extracts and ingredients to limit your calorie intake.

These ingredients have all sorts of interesting properties, some of which will make you feel fuller and more satiated, while others will combine to prolong this feeling, thus reducing food cravings. 

Generally, while shopping for this type of product, it’s best to orient yourself towards a natural product, since that has the least chances of messing up your digestive or hormonal systems. 

Another important aspect of PhenGold is that it’s used to increase your metabolism, thus helping your body consume more energy and implicitly, more burn through more calories.

A higher metabolism also means that the fat you consume doesn’t get a chance to bind to any fat cells inside the body, as it is immediately used to power it. 

Lastly (albeit this is a more psychological effect and is applicable to most such supplements), it gives you a mental stimulus to achieve your desired weight.

By doing something pro-active (e.g. taking the supplements each day), you are re-affirming and strengthening your weight loss goal, which helps you stay determined when dieting, exercising, etc. 

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PhenGold Ingredients – what goes into it?

A super-important part of the reviewing process, in our opinion, is a careful examination of the ingredients used. 

This way, you get to see not only if the company’s claims are backed by actual scientific research, but also you figure out any potential downsides to the chosen blend of ingredients. 

So, let’s take a look at what goes into PhenGold.

  • Green Tea (500 mg)

Green tea is known far and wide for its impressive health benefits.

It seems to work wonders on your skin, on your hair, on your breath, and indeed, even on your digestive system.

The reason why green tea is included in this is that studies have linked it to short term metabolic boost.

We say short term, however, because the faster metabolism is a result of your body not being used to this high intake of caffeine (contained within green tea) and so it ups the ante a bit, as it were.

However, as the body becomes accustomed to the green tea daily intake, the metabolic boosting effect will gradually wear off. 

That’s not necessarily bad news, though, since a PhenGold course should last no more than a few months.

So, if you take this for 2-3 months, then you’re likely to see an improvement in your metabolic rate.

If you take it non-stop for 2-3 years, however, you probably won’t. 

  • L-THEANINE (250 mg)

Interestingly enough, L-THEANINE is contained in green tea already.

However, wanting to really gleam everything they could from L-THEANINE, the creators of PhenGold decided to include it separately, to get you maximum benefits.

One of the most famous benefits of this amino acid is, indeed, associated with weight loss.

Now, the way this works is really interesting.

You see, L-THEANINE is believed to give you a pleasant taste when ingested. 

This effect is known as umami and is believed to aid weight loss because it reduces appetite.

It’s also believed to improve mental focus and reduce anxiety and stress, which again plays an important part in our diet.

This is because we tend to eat more (and more unhealthily) when we are experiencing high levels of stress and worry. 

  • RHODIOLA SP (250 mg)

Rhodiola is a herb that usually can be found high up in the mountains, in various parts of Europe and Asia.

It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and has been gathering widespread attention for quite a few years now.

The reason we have it here is that it seems to boost athletic performance.

As we mentioned, this sort of supplement works best when taken in tandem with a training schedule.

It also has a positive effect on fatigue, reducing it greatly, which can in turn allow you to exercise more or in general, to burn more calories by leading a more active lifestyle.

Also, just like the two ingredients above, it has a mood-boosting effect that fights stress and depression, and with that, the need for comfort food and the impulse to stress-eat.

  • GREEN COFFEE (100 mg)

Before you say anything, no, green coffee is not the same as regular coffee. 

It is the coffee bean before brewing, and as a result, carries a very different set of attributes.

Green coffee is a widely-touted natural ingredient said to help reduce the total accumulation of weight inside the body.

And while some rodent studies have shown promising evidence to that effect, human results seem to be far less conclusive. 

All in all, there is some possibility that green coffee helps with weight loss, but it currently needs more research. 

  • L-TYROSINE (300 mg)

L-Tyrosine is a popular dietary supplement, known mainly for its stress-reducing effects, and for its ability to affect hormone levels within the body.

Among these, we have dopamine, which is probably responsible for the mood-boosting effect of L-Tyrosine.

We also see an effect on the thyroid, which is widely responsible for regulating your metabolism.

So, the idea behind L-Tyrosine is that it may help you lose weight by keeping your metabolism in proper working order.

It’s also known for improving alertness, which in turn allows you to exercise more and have more energy (which will implicitly mean that you burn more calories).

  • Cayenne Pepper (200 mg)

Lastly, we have cayenne pepper on PhenGold list of ingredients.

As we know, cayenne pepper makes you feel hot under the collar. By increasing body temperature, it also increases the calorie burn, thus helping you lose weight more quickly. 

An even more interesting effect of capsaicin, the main compound within cayenne pepper, is that it reduces hunger significantly. It increases the feeling of fullness, which in turn means that you eat less.

Overall, we were quite happy with the PhenGold ingredient list. We were not able to find any ingredients that we consider dangerous for you and all of the ones used by PhenGold seem to be effective in boosting fat burning.

PhenGold Review – Price and Packages

PhenGold is available on the official website:

The manufacturer offers FAST & FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world.



Retail: $399.75




Retail: $239.85




Retail: $79.95


PhenGold Refund Policy

PhenGold offer a really great 100-day money-back guarantee.

You simply have to return any unopened containers with their boxes, and the company will refund the cost (excluding shipping).

This does not apply to a 30-day supply, however, since the container has to be unopened to qualify for a refund. Still, this is a pretty good offer.

PhenGold Reviews: Pros and Cons 

As far as we’ve been able to find, the overwhelming majority of reviews for PhenGold leans towards the super-positive.

Read our findings on the matter below:

PhenGold Review – Pros

  • It had fairly fast results, in as little as 3-4 weeks.
  • It significantly reduced the desire for snacks and night cravings (which are perhaps the biggest bane on any dieter’s existence).
  • The fast results also helped by offering customers the mental boost they needed in order to start (and stick to) a workout routine.
  • It also helped boost low energy levels, which may make it hard to lose weight.
  • People generally felt more focused when taking PhenGold, which helped them stick to their weight loss goals.

PhenGold Review – Cons

  • Only available online.
  • Pretty new to the market.
  • Not recommended people who suffer from thyroid problems, diabetes, or any other such health concern.
  • Mind, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Just means you should definitely consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. 

PhenGold Buyer’s Guide

In this PhenGold review section, we’re going to have a look at some of the most common concerns and questions people have with regard to PhenGold (e.g. usage, dosage, etc).

How should I take PhenGold?

The manufacturer recommends taking 3 capsules of PhenGold a day, with food and water, ideally before a workout.


So depending on your usual schedule, you might either take PhenGold with your lunch or with your breakfast.

How long should I take PhenGold for?

Since this is a natural product, there is no upper limit for how long you should take PhenGold.


However, in our experience, most natural weight loss supplements work best when taken for 3 months.


After this, if you want to continue using PhenGold to regulate cravings or boost energy, that’s fine, but make sure you take a short break (1-2 weeks).

Are there any potential side effects?

No, since PhenGold is made from 100% natural ingredients, there have been no known side effects or unpleasant occurrences.


However, if you are following any sort of treatment for a medical condition or suffer from a chronic condition, it’s advisable to talk with your doctor before taking the supplement.

Can I use PhenGold while pregnant?

No, you can not.


Since this supplement is intended for weight loss and impacts all sorts of hormones within the body, you should really avoid it while expecting.


We know a lot of people worry about amassing weight while pregnant, but at this time, it’s much smarter to watch your diet rather than take any dietary supplements that may interact with your pregnancy.

Bottom Line – Is PhenGold worth it?

We’ve reached the end of our PhenGold review, it seems, and with it, our verdict.

In our opinion, yes, PhenGold is most definitely worth a try!

It’s supported by science, which we love, and also supported by the customers, which we love even more.

PhenGold seems like a reliable and tried-and-true natural weight loss supplement to curb your appetite and help you achieve your desired look.

Have you used PhenGold to achieve your weight goals? What was your experience? 

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