How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight? (15 Actionable Tips)

how to motivate yourself to lose weight

We all know that motivating yourself to lose weight is a difficult task; we all love enjoying those new and delicious recipes!

And sometimes, it’s easier to deny the fact we are gaining weight and saying: “I’ll go on a diet later.” 

The problem is that when you tried on your pants, they no longer fit you as before.

You’ve put on some weight, and it comes a time when you can’t hide it anymore. It’s time to do something about it!

Does it sound familiar to you? That has happened to all of us!

Monday arrives, and you start full of energy to fulfill all the plans.

Unfortunately, by the time is Wednesday, something happens, and you give up. Such frustration!

Today we are going to talk about how to motivate ourselves to lose weight.

We will try to show you how this time the plan will lead you to the results you want. So keep reading!

Reasons To Lose Weight!

As you read, this article does not come to show you a diet that you should follow.

Today we will talk about how you can keep that internal force at its peak, which is what allows you to keep trying and achieving the change in habits you require in your life.

Motivation can be internal or external. Here, we suggest that the desire comes from you and not from some advertisement or any aesthetic norm that you wish to pursue. 

Losing weight is a goal that will require changes in your life, and the best thing is that you feel ready and open to the process!

So the first step would be to look inside and find the reason why you want to do it.

If you agree with this and think that you have real reasons to change your lifestyle, let’s get started!

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight?

weight loss motivation

There are many ways that we can use to lose weight and stay happy during the process. Next, we are going to comment on some that we find very useful:

Set a goal within your means.

This is important and is the first step you should consider.

Sometimes when you want to motivate yourself to lose weight, you impose an unrealistic number on your scale. Be careful with that, and find a goal that fits reality!

Keep in mind that a healthy measure is to lose 1 pound a week. Consider your age and how fitness you are when setting this parameter.

Visualize the benefits you will get.

Losing weight is a goal that goes beyond aesthetics.

And although it is always satisfying to imagine being able to wear the clothes you like so much, in this case, we prefer to visualize the health benefits that you can get after the process.

In the first place, you will reduce your sugar levels and have greater cardiovascular efficiency, your body fat level will decrease, and you will reduce your chances of suffering from certain diseases.

As you can see, it’s something your health will thank!

Start routines you like.

Let’s be honest; if you’ve been sedentary, ​​exercising is probably not what you love to do the most.

Therefore, the recommendation for you to stay motivated for losing weight is to look for routines you like: look for classes or activities that interest you, and you will see how it becomes easier to achieve your goals.

Give you some rewards.

We are human, and since losing weight and burning calories is a process that takes time, chances are you will ever go off the plan you have established. That is ok. We have been there, too!

Create a plan of rewards for yourself, in such a way that if you make an advance, you give yourself something you like (of course something that is not food!).

If you can not meet your goal, you can do something that makes you get back on track.

Keep a food and exercise diary.

The best way to identify how you’ve progressed and stay motivated is by being disciplined.

A food journal will allow you to control what you have eaten, while with the exercises journal, you will know how you are progressing in your physical plan.

Try to keep journaling fun! You could even take this progress to the web and create a blog. Sharing your progress with the world could help others get motivated to lose weight!

Tell your family and friends about your plan.

We know that not all family or friends are perfect for these kinds of things, but look for those who can honestly help you and give you a push in case they notice that you are losing your drive.

Sign up for a special event.

Nothing like an event to keep the momentum going! If you get any activity that can serve as an incentive to continue this change, sign up! 

Running a marathon or swimming for a cause are activities that will keep you motivated and in continuous effort. 

We know that during 2020 there are few events of this type, but maybe you can find some virtual activity you like, and you can use it the same way.

Do not obsess.

Don’t rush it and try to see it as a lifestyle change that will take time!

Losing weight is a gradual process. Do not get obsessed with this topic and allow your body to adapt to the change.

You should even expect some weight gain at first because you are turning fat into muscle mass.

Count the distance, calories, or steps.

You should not obsess over the pounds you have lost, or you may feel that you have not accomplished enough.

Better than that, and to stay motivated, count other measures that will show the health advances you will have: measure the distances you run, the number of steps you take, or the calories you consume during the day.

You see that those numbers are very encouraging, and your motivation will go through the roof.

Take photos.

Sometimes, we are not very good at seeing how far we have come until we see it in comparison.

Although we consider that it is not a good idea to compare ourselves with anyone, if the comparison is with yourself, it can help you a lot to stick to the behaviors you are adopting!

Take a photo when you start the process and then when you see progress, which usually happens at four weeks.

You will gradually see the change in your body, and you will surely want to continue on that path. Find your camera and document this entire process!


It doesn’t seem logical, right? How will resting allow me to lose weight if I have to exercise to move forward? 

Well, relaxing and resting will allow your body to replenish the energy to keep you in this long-term goal.

Plan your exercise sessions and learn to find time to relax. During this time, the muscles regenerate, so avoid seeing rest as something counterproductive. It is helpful!

Find a partner.

The loads are less heavy if we share them, aren’t they? This is another powerful way to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Many people struggle with their weight like you.

If a friend or family member also wants to achieve this goal, and you can support each other. Then it’s time to share the burden!

With a partner with needs similar to yours, you will see how all the activities become simpler to fulfill. When any of you are a little low in energy, the other will surely help to continue.

Have you already thought about whom to ask to accompany you? Go ahead, start today!

Look for healthy substitutes.

Weight loss requires an eating-habits transformation, but that does not mean that we cannot eat and taste delicious dishes.

Many of us love comfort foods, but we know that we should not consume them regularly.

The recommendation we give you is to look for healthy substitutes for your meals, so you are not always eating the same flavors.

For example, if you love sweets, look for fruits you like a lot, and add them to your list! You see that they are just as delicious and will not sum as many calories to your daily consumption!

Discard the clothes that do not fit.

We all have those pants we swore we would wear when we reached a certain weight. Today we come here to tell you; you must let go!

Although at first, it may seem like a great idea to motivate you to lose weight, it takes you away from the progress you are making and makes you much more attentive to what you lack than what you have.

Remember that it is a linear process and enjoy the size changes, buy clothes that work for you at the moment, and progressively change your wardrobe. You will be very excited to see how everything will change!

Get back on your feet.

Last but not least! The best way to stay motivated is by being considerate of you, maintaining an optimistic attitude, and accepting mistakes.

If one day you do not comply with the exercise plan, or go out and eat something that maybe you should not assume it, take responsibility, and continue.

Many people break down from these types of setbacks and revert to old patterns. Make sure to determine as soon as possible if you engage in this behavior and correct it! We are all humans!

So now you know! There are many ways to motivate you to lose weight.

Here we gave you some ideas, but the most important thing is that this entire process provides you with well-being and improves your general health.

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