How To Lose 20 LBS in a MONTH? (30 Days Challenge)

How To Lose 20 LBS in a MONTH

You must have asked yourself this specific question many times “How to lose 20 lbs in a month?” Especially, when you feel that tummy coming in or your clothes no longer fit you as well.

Many people think they can work on and make their bodies react as much as they can. It could also sounds extreme, but then anything is possible. Right?

20 lbs in a month may seems like a difficult goal to hit; since many people may be stretching beyond a recognizable limit.

But, we all know that with a proper diet plan, workout routine and an appropriate discipline, it is achievable.

In most cases, having a particular event that you have to go to, is one of the best motivations that will kickstart your weight loss journey.

Whether it’s a wedding or vacation, nothing gets you to take the first step towards transforming your body than an upcoming event (let’s face it, we’re deadline driven).

How To Lose 20 LBS in one Month

Can You Lose 20 LBS in a Month?

This is one of the questions that many physicians and dieticians have been asked more than often all over the world.

However, we would like to say that it is one of those cases that is possible but not advised by most people. This is because the state of your body also contributed greatly to the working of this diet. 

It is possible to lose the 20 lbs in one month, but only if you allow yourself extreme discipline and a strict lifestyle that will then ensure that your body follows up to the needed expectations. 

Can You Lose 20 LBS in a Month

How To Drop 20 Pounds in a Month?

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to lose 20 pounds in one month and without starving your body. There are so many things to try, but there are two more convincing ways that will help you achieve this goal.

Yes, as you may have guessed, diet and exercise.

Eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical and mental health and well-being.

With the two approaches, you get to handle your body well enough to achieve your goal.

Separately, the two ways will not be beneficial. However, if you are keen on following up on the 30 days challenge, combining the two procedures assures you that it will be the fastest way to lose 20 pounds. 

Below, we have gathered 10 best tips on how to lose 20 lbs in a month without burdening your body or negatively affect your health.

10 Tips To Lose 20 LBS In 30 Days

If you’re trying to lose weight fast, it can be easy to get caught up with fad diet or other ‘quick fixes’ that promise a flat belly overnight.

Don’t worry about it though; there are many ways to get in shape that are tried and trusted. Yes, it might not be easy and quick, but it’s very doable.

Here are 10 best tips on how to lose 20 lbs in a month that have nothing to do with starving yourself or spending hours and hours at gym.

  • Make a Decision and Stick To a Plan

Make a Decision and Stick To a Plan

Before you dive deeper into how to lose 20 lbs in a month, the decision that you make is what matters the most.

Making the decision that you will attempt anything to ensure that you lose drop 20 pounds in one month is the most significant push that anyone needs before they start losing weight. 

Your mind should be psychologically prepared that you will not be comfortable for quite some time.

You should also be prepared that it is going to be a period of extreme discipline and, in most cases, discomfort.

And, even after the one month is over, you can’t binge back into your old eating habits. Your body should be kept in a similar plan, or you will end up stacking all the pounds you lost.

  • Choose a Diet Plan and Stick To it

Choose a Diet Plan and Stick To it

Find a diet plan that suits you and stick to it. There are so many diet programs that have been started and developed today.

All of them try to help you lose weight in differrent ways. It is, therefore, crucial that you concentrate more on what you know about your body compared to anything else.

It may seems a lot, but your overall health is the main thing. Teach yourself to keep a healthy eating lifestyle, and you will realize that the 20 lbs will be a possible target. 

  • Drink a Lot of Water

How To Lose 20 Pounds in a MONTH

Water helps to boost metabolism levels, which speeds up the fat burning process.

You should also note that during this whole period, water that you take need to be before your meals, and preferably warm water as compared to the cold one that most people tend to go for.

During meals, water also fills your stomach, reducing the amount of space that is available for food to have. You will, therefore, find yourself eating less.

  • Start Counting Your Calories

Start Counting Your Calories

This is one of the best options on how to lose 20 lbs in a month. It is also the best way to help you know what you should place more on your plate for every meal.

Managing your food intake in today’s food environment can be tricky. Calorie counting is one way to tackle this issue, and is commonly used for weight loss.

The best way to do this is to look at the packaging cover if it is a meal that you are purchasing from the shops.

Knowing how much calories are present in that one packet will allow you to guess how much of it you need to take.

  • Increase Your Protein Intake

Increase Your Protein Intake

People are far less likely to stick with a nutrition or diet plan if they experience high levels of hunger.

Going on a high-protein diet may help you curb your hunger, which could help you lose weight.

You can try it by adding some extra protein to your meals. Give yourself a week, boosting protein gradually.

Remember our previous tip, calories still count. You’ll want to make good choices when you pick your protein.

  • Eat Small, Frequent Meals

Tips To Lose 20 LBS in a Month

Frequent snacking, as long as it’s healthy, keeps your metabolism in check, reduce hunger, and controls blood sugar.

Eating 5 – 6 smaller meals per day, about 2-3 hours apart is a powerful strategy to curb your appetite.

If you’re eating healthy whole foods during those small meals, like lean protein (meat, dairy and legumes), fibrous fruits and veggies and slow-burning non-refined carbohydrates (like whole grains instead of refined white flour and sugar), you’ll stay full throughout the day and will be less likely to experience hunger.

  • Do Not Overdo Your Diet Plan

Do Not Overdo Your Diet Plan

We all know that calories are important when you’re trying to lose weight, but low calorie diets eventually catch up to you.

Every once in a while people take calorie restriction too far, ultimately making weight loss slower and more difficult by slowing their metabolism.

If you’re eating less than 1,200 calories a day, you might experience negative side-effects.

You should not go below the recommended daily calorie intake.

Doing so, your body will react negatively, and you will be shocked at how weak, tired, and exhausted, you will end up feeling. 

  • Create Your Workout Routine

Create Your Workout Routine

Workout programs are some of the best options on how to lose 20 lbs in a month.

Exercise plans compiled with a healthy diet and the right mindset is the best way to get your desired body shape in check.

There are several ways that these programs will work for you. You only need to choose the one that suits your needs.

Below, we have listed some tips to follow when it comes to weight loss exercise.

Start By Lifting Weights

Many people think that lifting weights is all about gaining muscles and becoming bulky.

However, this is not always the case. The “bulk” comes essentially from calorie surplus (When you consume more calories than you burn).

You know that losing fat involves increasing your metabolism. What you may not know is that muscle plays a huge role in raising metabolism.

A pound of muscle burns about 10-20 calories a day while a pound of fat burns 5 calories.

That means any growth in your muscle tissue is going to help you burn more calories all day long.

In fact, beyond weight loss, there are a number of incredible benefits of lifting weight. This is why it is one of the best options on how to lose 20 lbs in a month.

Start By Lifting Weights

Include Cardio in Your Routine

Aerobic exercise, which many people know as cardio, is one of the best ways to get your body extremely active and burning up calories.

Even walking, morning or evening runs, and jumping ropes are fantastic ways of getting your body’s metabolism higher.

When To Do Cardio To Lose Weight

Maintain Your Training Intensity

Most people, when they get to the third week, they are already slacking off and maybe reduce their workout time from one hour to twenty minutes.

This is a mistake that will slow down your weight loss process.

Your body by this time has already adapted to that intensity and pressure that it was getting. Changing it will cause you to start getting more tired and may instead get some unwanted results.

Maintain Your Training Intensity

  • Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep 

It may not be one of the things you will be told when you aim to lose weight.

But, you should be aware it is a major one. Getting your body to rest for a significant amount of time gives it the ability to burn up calories along with many health benefits.

Moreover, your body and muscles need time to repair while you sleep so you can push yourself the next day.

You produce the most growth hormone while you’re sleeping, which helps burn fat as well as repair and build muscles so you can increase strength and lose weight.

  • Start Experiencing With Supplements

Lose Weight With Supplements

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Final Thoughts – How To Lose 20 LBS in a MONTH?

Slimming down can be a strenuous journey. Especially one that involves a particular timeline and a particular weight loss.

However, if you are willing to tweak your mindset, then everything is possible.

You can then push yourself to make the necessary efforts to take the diet and plan your workouts to help you lose the weight that you need to.

However, you should keep in mind that it is possible to lose 20 lbs in one month with consistency!