Forskolin 250 Review and Customer Results (2021 Update)

Forskolin 250

We like taking a look at healthy dietary supplements, which is how we came to be writing this Forskolin 250 review for you.

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No doubt you’ve heard about dozens of dietary supplements, pills, shakes, smoothies, and pretty much anything else that is even remotely digestible and can help you lose weight or gain muscle (ideally both).

There are, in this world, countless supplements available to bodybuilders and ‘normies’ alike, promising them a fast weight loss.

But do most of them do what they’re advertising to? Not really.

Many supplements are either placebos or full of dangerous ingredients that will do you more harm than good.

This is why, when we find a truly good supplement, we take an active interest in it and do everything in our power to give you as complete a view of it as possible.

So buckle in, because, in this extensive and 100% honest Forskolin 250 review, we’ll be looking at everything about this product.

What it is, how it’s supposed to work, what is in it, what customers say about it and finally, whether or not it might be a good weight loss supplement for you. Keep reading!

So what exactly is Forskolin?

Forskolin is said to be the dietary supplement for all you people out there who are struggling to lose weight and gain muscle.

There’s no shame in it, plenty of people struggle with that and it can, unfortunately, lead to all sorts of frustrations and angst about why you can’t lose weight as fast as other people.

Well, it’s crucial to remember that everyone is a little bit different in this world and everyone has a different metabolism, so that might be the reason why you’re not losing weight as easily as you’d like.

Of course, there are many factors at play, such as age, diet, and hormone levels. And we’ll be looking at all of them in just a moment.

Forskolin is an all-natural extract from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii, which is sometimes referred to as Indian nettle.

The Coleus forskohlii is a tropical plant, whose main claim to fame is that it produces this extract, which has been used in a number of pharmaceutical products and in various scientific research. It grows mostly in places like Nepal, Thailand, and India.

With this particular supplement, what you see is what you get, meaning that there is no other ingredient at play in the Forskolin 250.

For many years, Forskolin has been recognized as a potent herbal healer, which can treat a variety of natural ailments.

But we’ll talk more about the ingredients, or rather the ingredient, a little bit later in this review.

How Does Forskolin Work?

Forskolin 250 Weight Loss Supplements

Well, when you look at the Forskolin 250 website, you find a pretty impressive list of attributes.

This natural extract is supposed to help you lose weight rapidly and naturally, without exposing you to any unpleasant chemicals.

The main idea behind it is that it works to break down the stored fat in your body, which in truth, is the hardest to shed.

You see, regardless of how you work out or when you do it, or if you eat before or not, your body is unlikely to turn to the stored fat for exercise fuel, which makes it difficult to get rid of, even for the most athletic among us. 

But, Forskolin gets in there and gently pushes this fat storage out the door.

It’s basically getting right in there, and calling out to the rest of the body ‘hey, over here!’, so as to encourage it to burn through that fat storage.

Forskolin encourages the production of a molecule commonly known as cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate).

Now, this molecule is basically responsible for telling your cells to burn fat.

In turn, cAMP tells your cells to increase the production of HSL (hormone-sensitive lipase) which is a fat-burning enzyme that your body requires in order to digest food and burn energy properly.

HSL actually triggers a pretty interesting process within your body.

See, the more HSL you have, the more your body will be able to break down the fat stored inside cells.

This fat breakdown then encourages a thermal reaction, meaning that it produces an extra wave of heat.

This heat, in turn, promotes calorie burn without destroying lean body mass. In other terms, it’s exactly the process we’ve all been looking for for ages.

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  • Does Forskolin Boost Metabolism?

Forskolin also claims to give your metabolism a significant boost, which will help you get through food faster. 

Increased metabolism is particularly important because it promotes weight loss when you’re not training. 

It does this, again, by stimulating the cAMP production.

As it turns out, this amazingly potent molecule is not only responsible for stimulating HSL, but also for tickling your thyroid and improving metabolism. 

Overall, Forskolin seems to be an excellent and natural way to lose more calories daily, while retaining your general body mass.

Because you don’t want to end up looking like a skeleton, do you?

But that’s just at a first glance…

In this Forskolin 250 review, and in order to determine whether or not it truly is all that it’s advertised to be and more, we need to turn our attention to the alleged benefits of this supplement and see if they actually hold water.

What are the main benefits of Forskolin? 

As we mentioned earlier, there are various health benefits that are associated with this natural supplement.

Forskolin has been used for thousands of years by locals to treat many conditions, but what does the research say?

And are there enough studies to back up Forskolin’s impressive claims?

  • Forskolin helps you lose weight

It seemed obvious to start with this one because it is by far the most famous one and most probably, what you are here for.

So far, not a lot of research has been conducted to establish the use of Forskolin for weight loss, but what science-backed evidence there is seems to be quite promising. 

In 2005, a randomized trial recruited 30 obese and overweight men and divided them up into two categories.

One category of 15 men was given 250 mg of Forskolin (at a concentration of 10%) twice daily over the course of 12 weeks.

The other group was given placebos for that same period.

In the end, the study found that the men in the first category, the ones who had been treated with Forskolin, lost a lot more body fat, and yet body mass did not change. 

The study also showed that there was a serious increase in testosterone levels in the group that was taking Forskolin.

Testosterone is important in the weight loss process because it encourages stored fat to break away from cells, which makes it easier for the body to eliminate it. 

In fact, increased testosterone levels can actually make it easier for you to put on muscle more easily, which may explain why the body mass of the participants remained roughly the same

However, there wasn’t a significant increase in muscle mass in these men, so the jury is still out on that one.

Another Forskolin study took a group of 23 overweight women and gave them a similar treatment.

One group was given 500 mg of Coleus forskohlii daily over the course of 12 weeks, while the other received a placebo. 

However, this particular study was not as conclusive as to the first one.

It did not show the same drastic weight loss in the women as in the men, but it did show signs that the Forskolin extract might’ve helped prevent weight gain.

It is worth noting that the study lists these women as ‘mildly overweight’, which is quite a bit of a difference when considering the men in the first study were labeled as obese. 

Since the two studies seemed to cancel each other out, researchers concluded there was not enough solid evidence to support the claims that Forskolin can encourage weight loss. 

But it’s also important noting that this plant was used for many years before science discovered its benefits and the small number of studies done does not actually negate Forskolin’s potential benefits either. 

  • Forskolin is a well-known asthma remedy

This was actually its main use before people realized it might have an effect on weight as well.

In an age when there weren’t many known remedies for asthma and other such respiratory afflictions, the plant Coleus forskohlii was relied on quite heavily. 

How exactly does Coleus forskohlii help with asthma?

A 2006 study published in the Journal of International Medical Research found that Forskolin might reduce the risk of asthma attacks

The study reached this conclusion after a lengthy investigation that spanned six months and 40 participants, among which men, women, and children, all suffering from asthma.

The study found that Forskolin works quite similarly to many modern asthma medicines, by boosting the level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cyclic AMP) in the body.

This allows for more air to pass through the lungs by relaxing them. It also was found to reduce the risk of respiratory spasms.

  • Forskolin might protect against glaucoma

For those of you who may not know this, glaucoma refers to a group of conditions where there is too much pressure inside the eye.

In time, this damages the optic nerve and impairs your vision significantly.

Now, this is where Coleus forskohlii comes into play.

A study conducted in 2013 gave glaucoma patients a supplement consisting of Forskolin and a flavonoid called rutin and found that within 30 days, inner eye pressure had decreased by 10%.

According to the study, higher doses of Forskolin and rutin correspond with higher pressure levels and seem to be just as effective.

Another study, found that a specially designed eye drop containing 1% Forskolin was able to significantly reduce inner eye pressure in 90 adult patients, all suffering from moderate glaucoma. 

  • Forskolin strengthens your bones

Interestingly enough, the same Coleus forskohlii study that found that Forskolin could reduce weight and increase muscle mass (by boosting metabolism) also concluded that this supplement can strengthen your bones.

This is great news for most of our readers, as people who work out and frequently subject themselves to strenuous exercise are putting more pressure on their bones. 

The way Coleus forskohlii is beneficial for your bones is that is fortified bone mineral density, which significantly lowers the risk of osteoporosis, as well as other similar diseases.

Overall, Forskolin boasts of a wide array of health benefits and if we look at it from this angle (even considering the somewhat limited research that has been done on the subject) it’s a definite go!

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Forskolin 250 Reviews – But what do people say about Forskolin?

It’s one thing to have science on your side, but a supplement such as this one also needs to meet the expectations of its users in order to be worth recommending.

With that in mind, we scoured the Internet in search of Forskolin 250 reviews and this is what we found.

Forskolin250 Review – Pros

  • So far, no customers have complained about any actual side effects or downsides.
  • Excellent before and after pictures available.
  • Seems effective in burning fat and helping you stay in shape.
  • You also benefit from the other health perks when taking the supplement.
  • Might make it easier for you to find the motivation to work out and stay in shape.
  • They offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied.

Forskolin250 Review – Cons

  • Quite pricey.
  • No increase in energy levels.
  • Relatively new on the market. 

So as you see, there weren’t all that many reviews to be found, but what we did manage to get our hands on was quite positive.

We had difficulty finding a Forskolin 250 review that was truly and utterly negative. Oh, and many customers also lauded the fast shipping service! 

So as far as customer reviews were concerned, it seems to us Forskolin 250 is worth recommending. 

Forskolin250 review – F.A.Q

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Now, we’d like to turn our attention to other usage questions and curiosities you might have about the product. 

What is in Forskolin 250?

As the name suggests, this supplements only contains 250 mg of the  Coleus forskohlii extract Forskolin and nothing else. As we’ve seen in the studies mentioned above, this amount is definitely quite potent.

How should I take Forskolin 250?

The directions from the manufacturer recommend taking two capsules of Forskolin each day.


They suggest taking the supplement with some food or a little bit of liquid to chase it down.


As a rule of thumb, we would encourage you to use water, as coffee and certain teas can inhibit the body’s absorption of natural elements.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take Forskolin 250?

Since Forskolin 250 is an all-natural supplement, there aren’t any ingredients that can actually be harmful to your health.


However, in the interest of safety, it’s advisable that you consult your doctor before taking Forskolin (or indeed, any other supplement) if you are pregnant or suffering from a serious ailment.

Are there any known side effects to taking Forskolin?

Once again, we are talking about a natural supplement, so side effects are quite limited.


As we mentioned, we weren’t able to find any reviews for this particular Forskolin supplement that pointed to any actual side effects (most people who did complain focused on efficiency rather than effects).


However, it is technically possible to experience any of the following:

  • Flushing and increased heart rate.
  • Coughing or upper respiratory tract infection.
  • A stinging sensation in the eyes.
  • Headaches.
  • Restlessness.
  • Low blood pressure.

It’s worth noting that these side effects are rare, however.

Is it the real deal or a scam?

Let’s face it, we’re all wondering this whenever we find such a supplement.


As far as we can tell, Forskolin 250 is the real deal when it comes to stimulating weight loss, improving metabolism and muscle growth.

Where should I buy it from?

While you might find the product through third-party sellers, such as Amazon or Walmart, we suggest that you buy it from the official website, to avoid receiving a fake product or getting scammed.

What’s their money back policy?

They offer an impressive 60 day money back guarantee, which applies to any unopened containers, which they will refund fully (minus shipping charges).


Also, if you want to buy more bottles at the same time, they will refund up to two empty bottles, as well as the other, unopened bottles. Pretty good deal, we’d say.

Forskolin 250 review – The Verdict

Yes, from what the research for this Forskolin 250 review tells us, it is worth giving this supplement a try.

Again, everyone is different, but you will probably see some definite benefits if you take this supplement consistently. 

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