5 Best Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Quickly!

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That stubborn belly fat we all hate! How to get rid of it? And even worst, how to do it quickly? Oh, wait! We know!

There are 5 essential exercises to burn belly fat quickly!

These exercises consist of full-body work out that fully compromises your torso muscles.

Of course, there’s a reason why we are not talking about crunches and sit-ups, which are localized exercises.

Even if you’ve read on the internet that you can target a portion of your body and lose fat solely there, sorry! That’s scientifically not true.

However, stubborn belly fat is always hard to dissolve – that’s why it’s stubborn –.

And you need a really low-fat index in your body to cast off that fatty tissue off your abs! 

The best way to grow all your muscles and reduce general body fat in less time is with whole-body training.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! Here you have the 5 best exercises to burn belly fat quickly!

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5 BEST Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Quickly!

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  • 1. PLANKS

The first exercises to burn belly fat is the typical plank, side plank, elbow plank… They all work!

When planking, you strengthen all the muscles of your body like your hands and shoulders must support your weight and at the same time, your core, legs, and glutes are on suspension.

To correctly perform a plank, posture is essential. Always remember to:

  • Get on four points on your mat.
  • Place your hands or elbows right under your shoulders.
  • Straighten back your legs and engage glutes.
  • Keep your body parallel to the floor and a hollow back.
  • Engage core and don’t sink into your shoulders.
  • 2. BURPEES

Burpees; one of the sickest combinations of cardio and full-body training you can find!

This composed exercise mixes dynamism, jumps, and our already mentioned planks.

You can find two versions of this exercise, the “casual sick” and the “psycho sick”; we think it’s pretty clear which one is less hard.

To perform casual burpees, you must:

  • Stand up, feet shoulder-wide apart.
  • Make a deep squat.
  • Get your hands to the floor in front of you also shoulder-wide apart.
  • Extend your legs back into a plank
  • Jump forward to your hands again.
  • Get into a deep squat again and stand.

Sounds easy? Well, then you must perform the psycho Burpees, also known as sprawl.

To perform a sprawl, you begin just like a typical burpee, and then:

  • After your extend your legs back in a plank, you lower your chest to the floor.
  • Then you do a push up back to plank.
  • Jump back to squat.
  • And then jump up as high as you can with your arms up and back down!

In the second version, you add several small components to the exercise.

That makes it almost high-intensity cardio training – actually, it’s common in these programs – and will double your chances of reducing fatty tissue.

When combined with weight bells or bracelets, or even a kettle ball with some variations, Burpees are one of the best exercises for burning belly fat quickly!


These exercises base on the plank and add dynamic training of your lower section by raising your knees alternatively, like in a sprint.

In this sense, they’re great for your glutes and abs, as well as your entire core.

And at the same time, they provide enough dynamism to boost your heart rate, combining once again the benefits of both cardio and full-body workout.

A more active alternative to this exercise is the Crossfit variation, where instead of directly raising your knees, you lift them crossing to the opposite side.

While both may be high impact exercises for your knees, the original version position allows augmented impulse and possible injury.

  • 4. LEG LIFTS

Leg lifts come in all sizes and shapes:

  • Reverse crunch leg lifts.
  • Lying leg lifts.
  • Lounge leg lifts.
  • Standing leg lifts.
  • Scissor or flutter leg lifts.
  • Hollow back leg lifts.

And of course, traditional leg lifts as well as many other derivate workouts.

And there’s a reason why leg lifts are so present when it comes to the best exercises for burning belly fat faster; even if you’re lying down, they make you move your whole body.

Why? You may ask if you’re only lifting your leg?

Well, because our legs are roughly half of our body, and it takes all the muscles in the rest of your body to lift and stabilize such weight!

In case you want to know, our favorites are lounge and reverse crunch leg lifts; they involve upper and posterior muscles too!


The last but least in our list of best exercises to burn belly fat quickly.

Choose your weapon: medicine balls or kettlebells, and be ready for the challenge!

These exercises comprehend your entire body and add bonus resistance as they work against the law of gravity.

The idea is to stand with your feet hip-width apart and throw a heavy object over your head.

In the case of kettlebells, the swinging allows you to go deeper into your squat and the pulling movement.

On the other hand, with the slams, your lifting motion is more limited, but you add the pushing strength when slamming against the floor.

In the same way, both exercises imply high-intensity levels of cardio, even more, if you accelerate or add jumps.

However, performing these exercises without the proper technique and concentration may easily lead to injury, be careful!

Now you know the 5 best exercises to burn belly fat quickly and some of their variations.

The turn is yours to combine them with a healthy balanced diet plan (like this one here) and start your journey toward your dream body!

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  1. Katarina

    Belly fat is such a doozy and is the hardest to get rid of for me! It’s so much harder as a female but I’m up to the task and a constant work in progress.

    1. Slimming Path

      That’s true, a combination of a healthy diet, workout routine and of course patience is the way to go!

  2. Brianne Marie

    I have a lot of Belly Fat I’ve been trying to get rid of, so this was really helpful, thank you. As a student, managing my workout time to make sure that what I’m doing is helping out with what I need is important. Definitely going to be focusing on some of these exercises a little bit more. Thanks!

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