EFT for Weight Loss: Lose Weight By Tapping!

EFT For Weight Loss

If you are looking for alternatives to lose weight beyond diets and exercise, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps the reason why traditional methods have not worked for you is that your problem is different. 

Here you can find an option to address your issue from the field of alternative medicine. We are talking about EFT for Weight Loss!

EFT, what does it mean, and what can you treat with it?

The initials EFT stand for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

It is a psychotherapy used to cure different health problems, both psychological and physical.

In this discipline, they considered that both types of ailments could have the same origin.

EFT for weight loss goes to the trauma and looks for the causes of physical illness and disease.  

This discipline is a mixture of several techniques.

In one hand, we have elements of traditional Chinese medicine (tapping), based on the philosophy of Qi.

On the other hand, there are tools from Western alternative medicine (neurolinguistic programming and energy medicine) and modern psychology. 

EFT treats psychological problems such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Guilt
  • Panic attacks
  • Insecurity
  • Anger 
  • Resentment
  • Addictions
  • Apathy
  • Depression

It also deals with afflictions of the body like: 

  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Inflammations
  • Hearing difficulties
  • Vision problems
  • Muscle contractions
  • Chronic fatigue.  

Where does EFT come from? 

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Engineer Gary Craig a certified practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming was the creator of this psychotherapy.

He published with Adrienne Fowley a book called Emotional freedom techniques: the manual in 1995.

In this text, he laid the foundations of this healing technique that others replicated in many countries over the years. 

However, he acknowledges that his work has a lot to do with Thought Field Therapy, a technique proposed by psychologist Robert Calahan in 1980. 

Calahan was the first to use the body’s energy points in psychological therapy.

He began his treatment with a patient who suffered from headaches and had a phobia of water.

He was able to reverse her condition, and from that moment on, he began to develop his theory. 

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  • What elements of acupuncture are present in EFT?

This therapy has a lot to do with the principles of acupuncture, and perhaps that is why it quickly became popular in the United States.

This practice of Chinese alternative medicine already had many patients and practitioners in that country.

The EFT for weight loss takes from acupuncture the concept of Qi and life force.

It specifically uses acupuncture points, or energy meridians, to work through traumas, but stimulates them differently.

  • What elements of digit puncture are present in this therapy?

We can say that the work on the acupuncture points is closer to digit puncture than to acupuncture because the hands are what you must use instead of needles or other tools.

However, in EFT for weight loss therapy, you must not put constant pressure on the meridians, but rather a series of gentle strokes at these strategic points.

This technique is known as tapping.  

  • Neurolinguistic Programming in EFT

We have already said that Gary Craig is a certified practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.

That is why, from this discipline, he took the ability to review traumatic moments to see how we process that information.

Therefore, we can discover our patterns of behavior and then modify them.     

Why using EFT for weight loss?

EFT To Lose Weight

Obesity has a direct relationship with anxiety problems and emotional trauma.

It often happens that diets and exercises are not enough to lose weight.

In these cases, you can look for another type of solution: some therapy that helps you solve your psychological problem.

Below you will find the most relevant information on how to use EFT to lose weight.

EFT for Weight Loss

The health writer and researcher Dawson Church prompted this therapy a few years later.

He had devoted himself to studying psychological alternatives for treating posttraumatic stress disorder, stress, and anxiety.

That’s why he found in EFT for weight loss, a discipline that summed up what he had been looking for for a long time. 

He published a book called EFT For Weight Loss in 2013, it is a necessary read for anyone who wants to delve into this technique.

Many people have used the teachings of Craig and Church to change their lives and lose weight

Others have dedicated themselves to helping others by teaching the techniques these authors systematized.

Today there are many groups, foundations, institutes, and individuals replicating this knowledge to heal many people around the world.

Emotions and Overweight

No doubts that overeating relates to negative emotions. The vast majority of food abuse cases stem from repressed feelings.

Emotions that you do not drain will end up transformed into an uncontrollable urge to eat.

Anger, stress, depression, frustration, loneliness, low self-esteem, and the inability to relate to other people often lead to overeating.

Food becomes a tranquilizer in these cases. This mechanism has a name within the world of EFT: Emotional eating. 

There is no specific recipe for working on EFT for weight loss.

Excessive eating has only one possible solution through the management of emotions.

To control this problem, you must have a balance in the body’s energy system, to put it in Gary Craig’s words. 

  • How Does The procedure Work?

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The key to this therapy is to bring the problem out into the open, you have to make an effort to revive it in order to eliminate it.

It can be a painful process, but it is the most effective way to overcome any trauma.

In this case, you do it by tapping on the meridians and pronouncing the right phrases. 

For Gary Craig, these negative emotions produced energy disruptions in our bodies.

In turn, these disruptions blocked the body’s normal functioning.

This blockage leads to physical pain and psychological problems such as anxiety from overeating.

That is why this therapy works with the energy points of traditional Chinese medicine

The next step is to complement the tapping with a series of reminder phrases.

These phrases are a fundamental part of the work process. They remind our system which problem we are facing.

Here you should be clear about one thing: negative emotions exist because we connected them to thoughts that disrupt our energy systems. 

Acupunctural points or meridians

These are all the points you need to work on in your EFT for weight loss sessions.

There are some points that you should use without question and others that are optional for broader therapy. 

Mandatory points are: 

  • Karate point (side of the hand, between the wrist and the little finger)
  • The top of the head 
  • The eyebrows 
  • The corner of the eye 
  • The lower part of the eyes 
  • The bottom of the nose 
  • Between the chin and the lower lip
  • The chin 
  • The clavicle 
  • The chest
  • The side of the chest
  • Under the armpits

Optional points:

  • The lower part of the thumbnail
  • The lower part of the fingernail of the index finger
  • The lower part of the middle fingernail
  • The lower part of the small fingernail

The EFT recipe For Weight Loss

Like all psychological therapies, this one will work if you follow the instructions in the specific order.

A few simple steps you must follow to implement the EFT for Weight Loss:

Identify the problem

You must work on only one issue at a time. In this case, it is difficult to lose weight. Specifically, the uncontrollable urge to overeat that anxiety causes

Rate your intensity level From 0 To 10

Here you must sincerely establish how much this problem affects you, by following this scale.

Not all of your conditions will likely be determined by the anxiety caused by an energy disruption.

In this step, Craig recommends recreating the memories in your mind and assessing the discomfort they cause. 

Say the sentences

This first sentence should lead to self-acceptance. Afterward, you must say a group of negative phrases.

You must give more importance to negative words. Positive thinking has no place in this therapy.

You need to target the negative so you can neutralize it. 


In this part, you have to tap on the acupunctural points or meridians, while pronouncing the phrases explained above.

Reassessing the problem

At this point, you must see how your perception after applying therapy actually changes.

In order to check if you’ve made any progress.

If you do not feel any change, you should repeat the process several times, you can also add other tapping points for better results. 

  • Examples of negative phrases:

The first sentence is crucial it allows you to recognize the problem and accept yourself despite it.

For example: even though I feel that I will be unable to lose weight, I love and accept myself.

Other examples of phrases:

  • I am not going to be able.
  • I do not have time to cook.
  • It is going to be a long process.
  • I have too many things to do.
  • I am lazy to think about it.
  • Everyone in my family is fat.

Is EFT for Weight Loss an effective method?

As with most alternative medicine therapies, the general medical community does not endorse EFT.

Anyone looking for information about it will find positions from researchers who are against this therapy.

They claim that the number of cases presented in studies advocating EFT, not scientifically proved to work, is not enough.

Nevertheless, you will also find other doctors and scientists in favor.

They say that the number of people who have benefited from this therapy proves the effectiveness of EFT for weight loss.

They also argue that their studies reflect all cases, and there is no need to prove it. 

It is up to you to do a little more research, look for patient testimonials, and read some scientific articles on the effectiveness of their use for weight loss.

Also, be careful not to spend a fortune with anyone.

This type of therapy lends itself to unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the needs of others.

As you can see, it is not complicated to perform this type of therapy. That is why we tell you that the best way to prove its effectiveness is to try it.

You are not going to lose anything except a little bit of your time.

Moreover, if the results are positive, then you will be able to replicate this information and use EFT to lose weight.

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