7 Diet Mistakes That Are Holding You Back [Don’t Do These!]

7 Diet Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

We all have been through that painful moment when we can’t lose weight

Why? What’s going on?

We’re following our diet, exercising, and drinking enough water!

But nothing seems to work. The scale is in the exact same place… Is there something we can do?

Most probably, YES!

Even if you think you’re alone in this, plateaus are among the most common concerns on weight loss.

The good news is that you can overcome this stage by correcting some minor habits.

Are you ready to find out the 7 biggest diet mistakes that are holding you back?

Let’s count how many you can check!

7 Diet Mistakes That Are Slowing Down Your Progress

7 Diet Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

1. You’re Missing Your Protein!

Protein For Weight Loss

Protein is crucial when it comes to losing weight.


Because it helps build muscle, and the more of it you have in your body, the faster you will burn fat.

Perhaps you think that by eating less of that chicken, you’re helping out your diet. But that doesn’t apply to proteins!

Our body needs at least 1gr of protein for each kg. of body mass. Otherwise, you’ll feel problems remaining full and a decrease in your regular working-out performance.

Speaking of workout performance, I know for a fact that it’s all fun and enjoyable when you first start frequenting the gym.

But after a while, your interest begins to wane and you start wondering if there isn’t something out there to put that pep back in your step?

If you can relate to this, then NiacinMax is the perfect solution for you 👍

NiacinMax spray dissolves rapidly on your tongue, releasing 15mg of pure niacin straight into your bloodstream.

This help encourage and support oxygen circulation through your body – the easier and better circulation is, the closer you are to performing at peak capacity. (It’s currently on sale check it out here!)

2. You’ve Ditched Carbs

Track Your Carbohydrates Consumption

Yes, we all have heard about those zero or too-low-carb diets that promise weight loss in no time.

To be honest, some of them even work.

However, maintaining these regimes may prove hard in the long term.

And if you’re not committed enough, you may end up regaining all that weight back even faster than you lost it.

Keeping a controlled carb consumption guarantees that your body has enough energy to function right.

Plus, it will keep your attention and focus on the point, while not having enough may generate concentration issues.

3. You Keep Training Just Like The First Week


A trick you can’t miss if your goal is losing weight is progressive overload.

What is this about?

Well, it’s about increasing your training program’s level every 1-2 weeks.

Sticking to the same training, repetitions, and weight will lead your boy to get used to that difficulty, and your weight loss rate will be compromised.

Challenging your body more each week will make your body burn more energy to be able to perform.

And therefore, you’ll lose weight faster!

4. You Think Staying Up Late Won’t Affect You.

Sleep and Weight Loss

Many of us may find it hard to relate good sleep to weight loss.

And when we hear that the lack of sleep is setting us back, it doesn’t make much sense.

Doesn’t it make much sense for you either?

Allow me to explain!

When you deprive your brain of sleeping, it stimulates two hormones.

  • The ghrelin, which is the hormone of hunger, gets excited.
  • While on the other hand, the hormone that suppresses your appetite, leptin, gets reduced.

Can you see now how not sleeping can affect your weight loss journey?

You’ll get hungrier than ever!

Keep those hormones at bay with 7-9 hours of sleep.

5. Excess of Treats

Excess of Treats

We all deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while.

However… Is it really once in a while? Or perhaps it’s becoming more and more often?

If you get out of control and start binge eating fats and sugars. Honey, you’ll see the weight back sooner than you thought!

And if you don’t, you may still see how you can’t lose any more weight.

Calories accumulate in our body and, sometimes we forget to consider some of them in our calorie tracking.

6. You Forgot To Keep Track of Your Weight

Weight Loss Mistakes

If you already lost a significant amount of weight, you may feel like you don’t need the scale anymore.

But the truth is that you should keep track – in a healthy and not obsessive way – to make sure your confidence isn’t getting you behind!

7.    You’re Not Reducing Your Portions

Reduce Portions

In the same way that your body gets used to your training program, it will also get used to your portions.

What you may not notice about this is that you may not need those amounts of food anymore.

When you feed yourself properly, with the necessary nutrients, and keep a regular sleep/training schedule, you’ll figure that you need much smaller portions than you used to.

Be attentive, and don’t let overeating become your weight loss enemy!

What Can You Do To Avoid These Mistakes?

We know that losing weight may take more than you thought to work.

But when it does, you’ll see how worth it was!

Make sure to get a plan that’s adapted to your actual needs.

Click here to get a customized diet plan for weight loss.

Drinking plenty of water and eating low-calorie snacks can help with cravings.

But, remember that the basic rule is that you must consume fewer calories than you burn.

Keep these tips in mind, stick to your program and remain strong! You are capable of this and more 🙂