How To Cut Calories To Lose Weight In 2023?

How To Cut Calories For Weight Loss

Is losing weight one of your new year’s resolutions? If yes, then keep reading this article to discover the best, easiest ways on how to cut calories to lose weight in 2023. 

First, you should know that if you want to lose weight you will need to consume fewer calories than you burn to create a “calorie deficit”.

For this reason, you need to find the best way to cut calories. Cutting down calories is the oldest method of losing weight available, but, while it sounds easy, there is more to it than you can imagine.

If you are not careful with your methods for cutting down the number of calories you eat, you may end up starving yourself and unable to sustain your diet regimen for effective results.

And if you want to include exercise on your journey, you need to understand how to balance your calorie intake so that you can fuel your exercises without going overboard.

The point is you need to know how many calories to cut for weight loss. 

In this article, we are going to look at the best ways to cut down calories from your daily diet without too much effort, for you to lose weight easily.

You can lose up to 500 Calories by following these techniques, and the best part is; you will not even realize it.

Just turn these tips into daily habits and you will begin to drop at least 1 Pound every week, 4 Pounds in 30 Days, or 48 Pounds in 365 Days!

How To Cut Calories For Weight Loss

How To Cut Down Calories Without Counting

Below are some of the most effective and simplest methods to cut down the extra calories without counting; that you should try in 2023. 

Eat Using Your Nondominant Hand 

If you are looking to reduce the amount of food you eat, using your nondominant hand to eat will effectively help you do that.

Eat Using Your Nondominant Hand 

This method is even backed by researchers at the University of Southern California.

According to Leslie Heinberg, Ph.D., behavioral services professor at Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Cleveland Clinic, eating is not driven by hunger, but instead, much of it is driven by environmental cues. 

A certain study by USC found that moviegoers munched the same amount of popcorn regardless it was fresh or not.

This is because of the movie-watchers habit.

However, when some of them were asked to switch to the nondominant hand, it was found that they swallowed less, particularly the stale popcorn.

The reason for this was disrupting their eating routine made them extra mindful. 

Instead of switching hands, you can try using chopsticks to eat, or even changing the location of dinner in the house.

You can also try eating meditation to develop some mindfulness with your dishes. 

Incorporate Yoga 

Yoga is an important element to include in your weight loss regimen.

Contrary to misconception, stress does make us gain and not shed weight.

This is because normally, an anxious situation can cause users to turn to food as solace.

Also according to research by Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, stress affects the way our bodies burn food.

Yoga For Weight Loss

Researchers at the university fed women meals with high-fat content.

Those who were under stress the previous day metabolized 104 Fewer calories in the 7 Hours than those who were not under any stress.

The difference in the calories burned resulted in a weight gain of up to 11 Pounds in 12 Months.

That is where yoga comes in. to keep stress in check, you need to hit the mat.

It doesn’t have to be vigorous, just an hour session for three days a week for six weeks, and you will start to experience the change.

By this time, the levels of stress hormones will have declined significantly compared to those who don’t practice yoga. 

Eat a Prune

Eating a prune is one of the most healthiest foods for weight loss.

A study by the University of Liverpool found that eating about 5 To 6 Ounces of prunes per day for 2 Months helped overweight participants to shed an average of 4.4 Pounds and about an inch from their waistline.

Eat a Prune

Prunes are very effective because they contain high fiber content, around 5 Grams in six prunes, which helps a person feel full and for longer, thus one of the best means of how to cut calories without feeling hungry.

You can also pair them with cheese and use it as a snack or put them in the morning oatmeal for effective results.

Prunes can also go well with smoothies!

Avoid Morning Snack 

Instead, snack in the afternoon if you are distributing up your daily calories across maybe five or six smaller meals to control hunger and shed some weight, you can perfectly manage with one snack less. 

Morning Snacks

According to research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, a snack in mid-morning is less effective if you are looking for how to cut calories without counting, than a mid-afternoon snack.

Scientists believe that the finding may have little to do with the fact that there is not much time between breakfast and lunch for some people as there is the time between lunch and supper.

Therefore snacking in the morning could lead to mindless eating and could result in overindulging at lunch. 

Don’t Pay Attention To The “Low-Fat” Label

WHY NOT? you may ask.

Well according to a study, you will eat up to 50% More if the label says it is “Low Fat”.

This is ‘Halo Effect’ as it makes the foodstuff appear healthful, which prompts you to feel upright and end up eating more.

How To Cut Calories To Lose Weight In 2020?

Moreover, low-fat products usually contain more sugar in order to overcome the absence of flavor and mouth-feel.

The trick is to eat the same amount of the “NonFfat” version as you would normally the “Fat” version, and that is how to cut calories without feeling hungry. 

Sniff a Banana or an Apple 

Have you ever got a whiff of grilling steak or bread and suddenly became mouth watered?

It is speculated that the scent of some foods can also have the opposite effect.


Some of these foods are bananas and apples, though the reason why is not completely known.

According to scientists, the smell is 90% Of taste, and just by smelling, you may feel like you have already eaten.

This explains why when you cook all day, you don’t feel that hungry.

Apart from bananas and apples, peppermint and vanilla also can suppress your appetite.

Try Dining With Someone of an Opposite Sex 

Sounds weird, right?

This is arguably one of the most subtle tips to cut extra calories.

This is because you will eat about 100 fewer calories when eating with someone of the opposite sex.

Weight Loss Tips

When you are out on a dinner with a lady friend or a guy friend, you will be more self-conscious and try to look a bit dainty and, well, pretty.

How To Cut Calories By Exercise 

Working out in the morning reduces your appetite and enhance your overall physical activities throughout the day.

That is the opinion of the scientists at Brigham Young University.

How To Cut Calories By Exercise 

However, the effect of reduced appetite can only last for a few hours.

But since exercising in the morning encourages more movement in the day, try four to five fat loss exercises for desired results.

It can include doing crunches, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking your car far from your office. 

Increase The Protein Intake 

Here is the thing,

Protein allows you to eat less. So, consider accompanying every snack and meal with a bit of protein.


Proteins typically take longer to break down in the stomach as compared to fat and carbohydrates.

Metabolism usually increases by around 20% just to digest protein, therefore it gets you fuller quickly and keeps you full for longer periods.

Try adding protein-packed products like low-fat Greek yogurt to fruit, strung cheese to your crackers, chicken or salmon to salad, and a small amount of lean beef to your vegetables.

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Lose Weight With Supplements

You may want to cut back on other high-sugar, high-calorie drinks as well. These also include sugar-sweetened fruit juices and smoothies.

How To Cut Calories On a Keto Diet

If you have been trying to figure out how to cut calories without feeling hungry, you have probably come across the term ketosis diet

Ketosis simply means when your body switches from using sugar to burning fat for energy, and it occurs when you eat nearly no carbohydrates or when you use certain types of oil. 

The reason why cutting calories using a keto diet is so effective than calorie counting is that the later leaves you super-hungry and result in more food cravings.

According to recent studies, when you combine a low-calorie diet with ketosis, you will experience a spiked appetite in the first few days of your diet, and then significantly reduces and return to normal in just a few days.

However, you need to achieve ketosis for this to work. 

But you can skip any calorie-restrictive diet and just turn to ketosis and use it to its full advantage without starving yourself

Ketosis is something that is backed by science, and while it still has some gray areas, it has been proven to work perfectly. 

When you start eating more fat and cutting out carbs (bread, sugar, etc.), you usually stop experiencing blood sugar fluctuation that usually affects most of the people on a standard diet.

These blood sugar swings cause intense hunger that will keep you rolling from one carb meal to the next and never feeling satisfied or reaching the required fat burning state of ketosis. 

However, ketones help suppress appetite in several ways that are more subtle and efficient because ketones can control hunger as well as satiety hormones.

According to consistent findings, ketones affect cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone responsible for making a person feel full, and the hunger hormone called ghrelin. 

The Link Between Ketones and CCK 

After eating, your gut releases the hormone CCK, which is a powerful food intake regulator. Your body produces less CCK hormones after you shed weight.

Meaning if you are thin, you are going to feel less sated with the same amount of meal compared to when you were overweight.

Keto Diet

This will make you crave more junk foods.

However, using ketosis as one of the tips to cut calories without counting, you will be able to avoid this trap. 

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that even two months of weight loss that led to significant reductions in the CCK hormones, just a week of ketosis can return the CCK hormone to baseline levels. 

Ketosis and Ghrelin 

Ghrelin is known as “The hunger hormone” since it increases the appetite.

This hormone is usually secreted in the intestines and the stomach, with blood sugar levels reaching their maximum point during standard fasting.

Tips To Lose Weight

When you eat, this hormone drops in level in response to the circulation of nutrients in the body.

In fact, a person who gets a ghrelin injection, notices a an increase in food intake with up to 28%.

This means when you shed some weight, your ghrelin levels will go up, but not if you are in ketosis

Ketosis suppresses the increase in the levels of ghrelin that comes with weight loss. 

But you need to know the level that is suitable for weight loss.

According to a study, ketone levels about 0.5 mM is enough to significantly suppress your appetite on several diets. 

How Many Calories To Cut To Lose One Pound

How Many Calories To Cut To Lose One Pound

A few years ago, scientists established that a pound of human fat contained approximately 3,500 Calories.

However, burning a pound of fat is not as easy as simply burning through 3,500 Calories.

And even more problematic is that weight loss rule of 3,500 Calorie deficit between consumption and burning to drop a pound of body weight may be just a myth. 

Individual weight loss is variable, and what works for others might not necessarily work for you.

Final Thoughts – Best Way To Cut Down Extra Calories?

These are some of the best ways on how to cut down calories, but as you may have noticed, all of them require that you change your daily calorie balance.

The simplest way to change your energy balance is to reduce your calorie intake.

You can accomplish this by eating smaller portions of food at mealtime, or by skipping snacks and high-calorie drinks.

You can also add exercise to your weekly routine to increase your calorie deficit and lose weight faster.

Exercise is good for your body and should be part of a healthy lifestyle.

Also, one of the most effective tips to cut calories without counting is swapping high-calorie meals with lower-calorie alternatives and decreasing the quantities you consume.

But for a successful and sustainable weight loss plan, consider incorporating physical activities in your regime.

Combining with a balanced nutrition (Click here to get your custom plan) and a workout regimen; you get yourself the perfect recipe for a long-lasting weight loss!