How Many Calories Does it Take To Break a Fast?

How Many Calories Does it Take To Break a Fast?

Fasting has become increasingly popular in the past few years. And it’s no wonder, this diet has great health benefits!

Not only can you lose weight fasting, but you can also improve the functioning of your body.

Still, what exactly does fasting entail? And how many calories does it take to break a fast?

What Does Fasting Mean?

Typically, fasters cut out calories entirely for a set amount of time.

And, when calories are not consumed, weight loss can occur more easily.

The body is put in a state of ketosis which allows for extra fat burning. Other benefits include an increased cognitive state and lowering of inflammation.

Experts believe that this type of diet can lead to a better quality of life.

how many calories does it take to break a fast?

Sticking to a fast is important, but can you really not eat anything if you want to maintain the benefits of fasting?

Many fasters wonder if you can break the fast by consuming anything other than water.

Unfortunately, information on the internet can be conflicting. Some posts say you can have drinks like coffee and tea.

Some even suggest that you can have both.

Others will say to stick exclusively to water during a fast. In this post, we’ll get into the details of this topic.

You’ll learn what can break a fast and how many calories does it take to break a fast?

Fasting For Weight Loss

What Do Health Experts Think?

Health professionals are divided on this front.


Some believe that any amount of calories consumed would break the fast.


While others think a few calories from healthy sources can be okay.


Still, while it’s technically true that any consumed calories break a fast, not all calories act the same.


Certain calories found in macronutrients won’t take you out of a fasting state.


You might not receive the maximum benefits of a fast with only water, but you can still get most of the benefits!


This includes drinks like tea and coffee which only have around 2-5 calories.


Most experts agree that these drinks won’t really affect your fast.


Some even think you can get the full benefits of fasting if you don’t put cream or sugar in these beverages.


Of course, more research needs to be done on this subject.

Should You Avoid All Kind Of Food?

Typically, you’ll want to stick to liquids during a fast.


Fasting means that you don’t eat. However, there are still ways to get around this if you want to stay in a fasting state and have a small bite to eat.


You don’t want to have a full-blown meal, but certain foods can keep you in a beneficial fasting state as long as they are eaten in low quantities. 

Remember though, that any calorie consumption breaks fasting in a “technical sense”.


But, you can stay in ketosis and stay in a fasted mode as long as you don’t eat certain foods.


It’s understandable, fasting can be difficult and you might need something to tide you over until you eat again.

Some doctors recommend eating between 30 and 40 calories during a fast if you are having a hard time. 

You want to stick with your fasting diet, so only consume things that won’t spike your blood sugar.


Some people choose to have a little fat to fill themselves. Coconut oil, cocoa butter, and other fats can work well. 

This is known as a fat fast, you break a normal fast but you do keep a lot of the main fasting benefits present.


This is something to try out if you are just getting into fasting, or if you want a more flexible fasting schedule.


You don’t eat much, but it can help you get through your day with a little less hunger. 


Know that if you are trying to lose a lot of weight, this is not the best method of fasting.


You might want to stick to coffee and tea when you fast. You could even add a dash of almond milk to your drink.

What About Other Liquids?

But are there any other things you can consume during a fast?


If you plan on fasting for longer stretches of time, it is hard not to get hungry. People who are fasting for 16 hours or more will really feel hunger pangs.


But, if you do not want to eat fat, what are your other options? 

Experts recommend bone broth for people who fast for longer periods.


You can lose a lot of nutrients and electrolytes, so the soup can be beneficial during your fast.


Not only is bone broth healthy, but it will stop you from feeling light-headed and tired. It also reduces feelings of hunger.


If you still want to stick water but worry about these issues, try adding a little bit of sea salt to your plain water. 


But really, the broth should keep all your fasting benefits. In fact, it can help with gut health and primed for weight loss.


Just don’t sip on the broth all day long. You want to have it minimally to keep proper fasting.


Bone broth has a lot of health benefits, but too much can counteract ketosis and autophagy, which burns fat. 

Bone broth has a lot of health benefits

Fasting For Weight Loss

Many dieters wonder how many calories does it take to break a fast? On the whole, any kind of calorie consumption breaks a fast.


But, there are exceptions to this rule. The best fasting benefits are found with minimal to zero-calorie consumption.


The less you eat during a fast, the better the weight loss outcomes.


If you want the benefits of fasting but still want something to eat though, try to stick to under fifty calories to maintain the benefits.


And, don’t eat anything that will up your blood sugar. Liquids like coffee, tea, and broth are preferred.


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