5 Simple Ways To Burn 500 Calories [Without Working Out!]


Most people think that burning calories is hard because they associate calorie burning with exercise and exhaustion.

In the following lines, you will discover 5 ways to burn 500 calories without working out so you can understand that avoiding weight gain is not as hard as you think.

But how is it even possible to achieve something like that?

Well, the quick answer is: Stop your sedentary lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Setting Your Goals Properly

Although everyone would recommend a training routine, many people don’t have the time or money to go to the gym.

But if you’re not looking for a weight loss plan but a keep-in-line method, setting a small goal like 500 calories a day is a perfect way to start.

Each body is different, so depending on your size, you could adjust the calorie-burning goal to a number that fits you.

If you are a woman, maybe start with a 300 calorie goal.

If you’re a man, maybe a 600 or 700 calorie goal would be best for you.

Sedentary Lifestyle and Weight Loss

The human body, like every other mammal, produces heat to keep itself warm and functioning properly.

This means that even when sleeping, we burn around 50 calories per hour and a little more when awake doing our regular daily tasks.

So, to burn 500 calories on top of the regular calorie burning from bodily functions, we just need to think carefully about our daily life.

Whether in the office or at home, small changes can make a difference in our energy consumption rate.

With just a little focus and consistency, you can stop gaining weight without sacrificing time or money.

Let’s take a look.

5 EASY Ways To Burn an Extra 500 Calories Without Working Out

Burn 500 calories

1. Burn Calories at The Office

Burn Calories at The Office

Office jobs have the highest rate of obese workers in the world.

Many people spend more time on their jobs than their homes, making it hard for them to stay fit and healthy.

To burn calories at the office, you should try to wake up from your desk and have a little walk in the office.

Go to the restroom, to the water cooler, and consider taking up the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

All of this could mean an approximately burning of 300 calories.

2. Household Chores

Burn Calories By Cleaning

This is probably the most common way to burn calories at home without working out.

Household chores can be exhausting if not done right or consistently.

Whether you live with a roomie, a partner, or your children, make sure you participate in the cleaning process of your house.

This activity can burn up to 180 calories per hour, so dedicating 3 hours to the clean-up can fulfill your daily requirement of calorie burning.

3. Being Social

Being Social

If you have a tendency to be a lone wolf, maybe it’s time to change a bit.

And no I’m not suggesting that you should become the soul of all parties, but socializing means that you’ll be prone to meet other people.

If you have the chance, reunite with relatives you miss sharing time with, or try to get to meet your newborn nephew.

If you have children, remember to spend time with them as well.

A sedentary lifestyle is not an issue for adult people only.

Child obesity has become a health problem in most developed countries. So, trying to get your son or daughter off their smartphone or PC is not a bad idea.

4. Like Dancing?


Dancing gives your body a complete workout.

Most dance forms concentrate on your core muscles, especially the back. Fast dance forms work on your legs, as well as your arms giving you a full body workout.

5. Some Other Effective Ideas

Weight Loss Ideas

  • Park your car on the far end of the parking.
  • During calls, walk around your house and grab an object in your hands.
  • Walk a little faster than usual.
  • Start a detox program.
  • Using a coolsculpting machine at home.

Give it a try!

I hope these recommendations help you stop gaining weight and make you want to adopt healthier habits.

If you want a more detailed plan on how to reach your weight loss goals you can always reach out to the fitness consultant Adam Kemp.

These 5 ways to burn 500 calories without working out have been put into practice by thousands of people with outstanding results.

And remember that doing little is better than doing nothing at all!

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