How To Burn 3500 Calories In A Week?

Burn 3500 Calories

Time feels like it’s flying, maybe you haven’t accomplished the goals you set at the end of last year.

By now, you were expecting to look like Chris Hemsworth, and you look more like Homer Simpson…

But, we are facing an unpreceded time and, you have realized that it’s never too late to sculpt the body you always dreamed!

So you have decided that you are going to start burning 3500 calories this week, which means losing 1 pound, pretty possible, huh?

Is it possible? Yeah, through exercise and a healthy diet. OK, the next question is how to maintain it?

Keep reading to discover the best tips to achieve this goal.

How To Burn 3500 Calories A Week

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the better way to lose weight in the long term is finding a balance between a proper exercise routine and a healthy diet.

In this sense, going with 1 or 2 pounds per week is the best alternative to preserve your health and sustain weight loss.

Either if you are talking about work out or modifying your dieting habits, it’s essential to considerate the next four aspects:

  • Take Responsibility

If you think that you can burn 3500 calories in just one week, you should know that it takes more than words and promises to do it.

To achieve this kind of goal, you need to commit. It implies taking several actions.

At first, you will feel that your life has become different. You will add different types of food into your diet.

Also, your regular activities are going to change into a new exercise plan.

Maybe some days you will want to go back and drop out, but you will have to keep remembering the reasons for your dream.

You could write them down on paper and stick them on the fridge, the mirror, or your studio to keep them fresh in your mind.

  • Settle down your start point

To go where you want to go, start by knowing where you stand.

This means that before starting with a new lifestyle, you need to evaluate your actual life.

It is essential to examine your current health care and lifestyle before making any change.

You could visit your doctor to get an extensive examination of your health state.

Analyze your daily routine to find out possible handicaps that could slow down your journey to burn 3500 calories a week (unusual work schedules, addiction to sweets, coffee, or fast food). 

And finally, look around and check the resources available that could help you make your aim more achievable.

Is there a park or gym nearby? Are other people close to you interested in exercising with you? You get the idea 🙂

  • Set practical aims

In order for you to burn 3500 calories in a week, it’s useful and gives positive results to divide your goal.

Small actions will bring you proximity with the dream you have.

For example, run fast for 30 minutes around your street, this sounds reasonable and exact, which will increase your self-confidence.

  • Bring up to date your evolution

Every day check out which issues you found in your performance, and try to rectify those where you’re not going as you expected.

Remember to congratulate yourself on successes and be kind to your faults.

  • Start Experiencing With Supplements

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It uses a unique and high-quality blend of ingredients that accelerates your metabolism, curb your appetite and help you lose weight!

Best exercises to lose 3500 calories in a week

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When you move, you waste more energy (calories), and when your body burns more calories, you lose weight.

The most important thing when you begin to work with your body is to keep exercise engaging and enjoyable.

As soon as you recognize what drives you internally, workouts will become more exciting.

Two traditional practices that will bring you amazing outcomes: walking and running.

  • How to Burn 3500 calories by Walking?

Walking is an excellent exercise to burn calories, especially if you have a medical condition.

And, that is why with thirty minutes of daily modest body activity five times a week, you will get the most beneficial effects on your health.

These thirty minutes can be translated into 10,000 steps per day, which implies burning 3500 calories in one week

Perhaps these 10,000 steps might not correspond to your current situation because what is right for you can be slow (or fast) for others.

The Mayo Clinic recommends adding 1000 steps per day considering your baseline (what you do regularly).

The proper calculation of the number of calories you burn depends on your usual weight.

Pretending that your weight is 180 pounds, you could burn about 100 calories per mile covered, and 10,000 steps are 5 miles.

Thus, 100 calories x 5 miles are 500 calories per day, at the end of one week, you burned 3500 calories.

  • How To Burn 3500 Calories By Running?

The more you run, the more calories you burn, it is an affirmation based on facts.

Just as we explained before, the more you move, you spend more energy (calories), so you lose weight.

Running is a fabulous choice to burn calories because it involves multiple synchronized muscles actively operating.

If you run using High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you will burn more calories faster.

The reason why this happens is that you will be using your mixed muscles in their highest strength. 

The additional advantage of HIIT running is that your body keeps burning calories for even 48 hours after your training.

When the movement finishes, the feeding begins


To lose about 1 to 2 pounds a week, you need to complement your exercise routine with a specific diet.

The diet that you need to lose calories will depend on several components, but surely it must be a low-calorie diet.

So, to start losing calories with the low-calorie diet appropriate for you, you will need to know your weight first. 

Get more details about your body to burn calories extra fast.

Mainly you have to consider your age and your routine, especially the amount of activity that you give to your body on a regular day.

If you are a woman, you will need to cut from your daily diet about 500 calories more than if you were a man.

But, in general, to lose 1 pound in a week, you need to consume on your daily meals, 1500 calories if you are a woman, and 2000 calories if you are a man.

It will be perfectly useful to start planning the diet menu that you need to design a lower calorie diet adjusted to your goal.

  • Why Is A Low-Calorie Diet Important?

Calories are the elements that provide our bodies with energy.

Every food we ingest contains several calories. So, you can find high-calories food or low-calorie food.

The calories that you consume every day have an enormous impact on the results of your exercise routine.

The key to losing weight is to eat fewer calories than you are burning through exercise. 

This does not mean that you must reduce the amount of food and feel hungry.

A low-calorie diet tailored to you will help subtract calories from your body while feeling energized. The exercise routine will make the rest§

Usually, this only means that you will have to adjust a little your food preferences.

Depending on what diet would work better for you, you may have to add or rest fruits, carbs, and protein.

In any case, you will have to drink more water, and of course, avoid sugary products (fructose and glucose).

  • Protein-Based Diet To Lose Calories Fast

If you’re looking for how to burn 3500 calories in a week, a frequently recommended diet plan involves a protein-based diet.

One of the main reasons why is because protein makes you feel fuller and satisfies your appetite.

This way, it will be easier for you to follow the diet disciplined and without struggles. 

This kind of diet will keep you well-nourished in a simple way.

If you need a low-calorie diet with a menu that allows you to save time, this is an efficient option for you.

It is considered as one of the most effective, minimal effort, low-calorie diet.

The number of calories that can be burned by day when you have a protein-based diet is between 90 and 100 calories each day.

Also, with this low-calorie diet, you can keep and maintain the weight reached.

  • Reducing Carbs To Burn 3500 Calories

Carbohydrates are one of the elements more used by our bodies to produce calories to have energy.

If you reduce the number of carbohydrates that you eat, your body will need another way to make energy.

Rather than burning carbohydrates, stored fat is burned.

Also, one of the effects of reducing carbs is having less appetite. So, this is going to help you to reduce weight.

But the better benefit of reducing carbohydrates is that it has been proven to be more effective for short-term weight loss.

Many people believe that to lose weight and burn calories, they need to completely eliminate carbohydrates.

But, you only need to reduce the number of them.

The most recommended carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates such as whole grains that provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

If you include these carbohydrates to your diet, you will feel satisfied and nourish.

Avoid refined carbohydrates such as white pasta and white rice, which contains a lot of sugar.

As you can see, like any other healthy diet, it’s a matter of quality rather than quantity.

12 Best Tips To Burn 3500 Calories In a Week

  1. Equilibrium is the key.
  2. Include fat, protein, carbs, fruits, and vegetables to your diet.
  3. Try to have between three and fourth meals each day.
  4. Consider your calorie necessities to plan your diet.
  5. If you keep feeling hungry after a meal, drink a glass of water.
  6. Eat at the same hour every day.
  7. Check your activity habits.
  8. Incorporate more exercise if you need to.
  9. Try new recipes. This will help you to be disciplined with the diet.
  10. Avoid fast food. It can be addictive.
  11. Try to drink juice made with natural fruit, and without adding sugar.
  12. Stay hydrated. This will help your body burn calories faster.

In general, if you combine an exercise routine with a low-calorie diet, you can easily burn 3500 calories in a week, some people may even compliment their weight loss journey with supplements.

It sounds simple, and it is! You only need discipline, some effort, and stick to the plan.

P.S: If you’re having a hard time noticing any results and want to quicken your weight loss journey, check out this new dieting formula that combines multiple benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted!

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    Thank you for taking the time to put some actionable steps to this. I used to track my calories to the T a while back. Now I still input my exercise into an app and it more or less generates the calories I burned. HIIT is definitely the way to go if you want to burn calories and want the challenge of the fast pace. I find running or walking absolutely boring and I end up having to ride an uber back to my place. It will boil down to personal preference I guess, but I encourage everyone to get some physical activity going ! It’s great for your health.

  2. Hey, how much carbs would you say is a healthy amount? You mentioned protein based diet, which I appreciate you explaining why (other blogs I’ve read just tell the reader to eat steak and chicken breast without any good reason). I don’t think I can give up carbs altogether but I know how much calories they contain. Also, I would love to read in a future post on a detailed day-by-day exercise regimen plus meal plan to follow if ever? I always find winning examples a good thing to pattern or adjust to my personal needs. Thanks again for all the fire content you put in. More power.

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