Brutal Force Review: Brutal Results In Just 6 Weeks?

Brutal Force Supplements

We are constantly on the lookout for healthy, natural dietary supplements and products that can help you put on muscles or lose weight , in order to achieve your desired weight and form. 

This is why we decided to put up this Brutal Force review, a brand that produces hardcore bodybuilding supplements for bulking, cutting and strength.


NOTE: If you already have an idea about Brutal Force supplements, and you just want to know where to buy them? Then, we highly recommend you to visit the manufacturer’s official site, that’s the only place you can get the real supplements.

Before we go any further, we’d like to point out that our reviews are 100% unbiased and honest, meaning our only goal here is to help you find a good, reliable product to get you to your desired shape safely

Second of all, we base all of our reviews on scientific data as well as customer testimonials.

These allow us to see if a product can do what it says it can, both from a scientific standpoint, as well as a real-life one. 

So, without further ado, let’s see what Brutal Force can and can’t achieve, exactly.

What is Brutal Force?

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Today, we are not talking about a particular supplement, but rather a supplement brand, namely Brutal Force supplements.

Brutal Force sets out to be a legal and safe alternative to chemical steroids.

That means their main goal is to work the same way, helping you bulk up, but within a legal frame and without any of the dangerous (and potentially life-threatening) side effects of steroids.

As such, Brutal Force products immediately become a likely and preferable alternative.

Achieving your desired weight and muscle mass is worth a lot of things, like effort, ambition, sweat, and blood, but it should never be worth your life or your wellbeing.

With legal and natural steroids becoming more and more popular, Brutal Force has become one of the leading names in the safe steroid game.

What do Brutal Force products do?






The number one choice for a safe alternative to Dianabol.

If you want muscle and you want it now, you want DBULK.



ABULK pushes more oxygen to your muscles, leading to more results!

It also helps reduce fatigue and increase muscle mass.



This leading edge formula is designed to mimic the effects of Sustanon (Testosterone) resulting in large gains in muscle, strength and performance.



TBULK helps improve overall muscle density and conditioning.

You can enjoy huge muscle gains, increased strength and power.



CCUT mimics the thermogenic and performance enhancing properties of the bodybuilder’s favorite cutting steroid, Clenbuterol.

As we’ve already seen in this Brutal Force review, the brand vendors a bunch of different fat loss and muscle gain products, all formulated with natural ingredients, which we’ll talk more about below.

Their products are made for bulking and cutting.

Bulking is the process through which you consume more calories than you would normally need.

Then use a rigorous set of resistance training exercises to turn that extra fat into muscle. 

Brutal Force offers a great range of bulking products, among which: 


As the name suggests, designed as a legal and safe alternative to Dianobol, the original and perhaps the most powerful steroid out there.

The way DBULK works is by helping you push more weight at a faster rate, helping your body convert the excess to lean muscle, and discouraging fat deposits.


ABULK works by pushing an intense dose of oxygen into your muscles, which rapidly leads to a muscle increase.

With this, you’ll see a rapid improvement in your training session, since the oxygen will make your muscles feel less tired and will allow you to train harder and for longer.


SBULK mimics the effects of Sustanon, the father of all anabolic steroids, as it’s sometimes known in the bodybuilding world.

It boosts testosterone levels greatly and pushed you to work harder, faster, and more efficiently, naturally bringing greater muscle gain overall.


Probably the best Brutal Force choice if you’re looking to put on a lot of muscle mass fast.

TBULK supports muscle gain and also boosts athletic performance, all the while cutting down fat in the body.

Cutting is the practice in which you eat fewer calories than you burn through your workouts.

This leads to a rapid and efficient weight loss, while at the same time an intense dose of muscle-building, which eventually leads to a super shredded appearance.

Brutal Force currently has only one product dedicated specifically to cutting, which is:


CCUT is a thermogenic legal steroid, meaning that it increases the body temperature, thus increasing the fat burn during workouts.

This makes workouts more efficient, burning 100% of fat, while at the same time strengthening the muscles underneath, which will help you achieve the desired look fast.

What we really love about Brutal Force is that they offer a great Stacking bundle, encompassing all of the products discussed above, and at a killer, unbeatable price. Let’s move on with our Brutal Force review.

If you’re curious to try multiple products, or if you indeed want to reap the benefits of stacking, then we highly suggest their awesome bundle.

What are the ingredients in The Brutal Force Supplements?

Brutal Force Review

So we’ve talked a fair bit about what Brutal Force does, what they sell, and who they cater to.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, it’s important to have a look at the ingredient list in any product (or in this particular case, in any set of products) to assess the effectiveness. 

In the list below, we’ll take a look at some of the ingredients Brutal Force use in their products to achieve those sweet bulking/cutting effects.

  • Vitamin D3

Used to strengthen your bones, which in turn is important for athletes and bodybuilders, naturally.

Several studies have linked vitamin D supplements with boosted weight loss.

It has also been linked with appetite suppression which might help you regulate your calorie intake.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Another popular ingredient in bodybuilding products.

While there has been some evidence supporting the claims L-carnitine is an effective fat loss supplement, opinions on that seem to be mixed.

However, L-carnitine has been linked with improved exercise performance, which is really what we’re looking for in this case.  

The effects of L-carnitine include carrying more oxygen to the muscles (which decreases tiredness and helps you work out for longer), as well as shortening recovery time. 

  • L-Leucine

An essential amino acid needed for protein synthesis within the human body.

It has been linked with better energy levels, as well as regulating metabolism, which allows your body to burn a good amount of calories and thus reduces the chance of putting on excess weight.

It might also be useful to control glucose levels, which is an important part of reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

  • Magnesium 

It’s the fourth most produced mineral inside the human body.

As such, it’s essential to a wide range of basic bodily functions, and deficiency can seriously impact the proper functioning of the human body.

Magnesium supplements are often used because they can boost exercise performance in athletes.

What’s more, it can help counter depression and boost mood and brain function.

This helps you stay motivated and stick to certain workout regimens. 

  • Beta-Sitosterol

A sterol extracted from plants that are usually used to regulate cholesterol levels and reduce the presence of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

It has also been associated with boosted cholesterol metabolism.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

An insanely popular dietary supplement in and of its own, as it has been associated with cancer reduction, improved brain activity, alleviating the symptoms of arthritis, and overall keeping you healthy.

In our particular case, MSM helps to speed up post-workout recovery, which will allow you to get back to training a whole lot quicker and with better results (since your body isn’t as tired).

It’s also good for bone stiffness and joint pain, which is a common side effect of intense training. 

  • Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine, is known for its many health benefits.

The one that interests us is the vitamin’s ability to boost hemoglobin productionThat is the production of red blood cells.

This makes it efficient in treating such afflictions as anemia, but also for improved exercise performance, thanks to the extra blood cells. 

  • Garcinia Cambogia

Lastly, is a natural plant extract.

It has been linked with improved weight loss, although currently, more research is needed to make sure these results are correct.

Still, it’s known as a great natural medicine ingredient, and that gives us some trust in the stuff. 

Brutal Force Reviews – Is Brutal Force Reliable?

As part of our reviewing process, we think it’s also important to look at what people who actually bought the stuff had to say about it.

Below are our findings regarding Brutal Force review supplements:

Brutal Force Pros

  • Rapid results, within the first month of usage.
  • Decrease in appetite for some products.
  • More energy and thus, longer workouts.
  • Natural, and so there are no negative side effects.

Brutal Force Cons

  • Like with most legal steroids and supplements, they can be quite pricey, although you can get some great deals if you take advantage of the current offer here.

Honestly, we were a little hard-pressed to find any truly negative reviews online for any of the Brutal Force products.

And judging from the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve seen, this stuff sounds like the real deal.

Brutal Force Supplements F.A.Q

In this Brutal Force review section, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about Brutal Force, such as usage, dosage, return policies, and so on.

Are Brutal Force products for everyone?

Since they are all-natural supplements designed to boost training and improve quality of life in general, Brutal Force supplements are suitable for the large majority of people.


However, you should consult with your doctor before using any legal steroids if you suffer from a chronic illness or some other serious health condition (likewise if you’re taking medication).

How often should I take Brutal Force supplements?

A good rule of thumb for most bulking/cutting supplements, as far as we’ve seen, is 2-3 times a day, usually either before or during a meal.


However, make sure you consult the instructions for your chosen supplement and that you don’t go over the indicated amount.

How many capsules are there in a Brutal Force order?

Each bag from Brutal Force contains 90 capsules, which is most likely intended as a 30-day supply.

For how long can I use Brutal Force supplements?

Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions on this as well.


Generally, it’s recommended that you follow a course of supplements for 2-3 months to reap the full benefits.


Most supplements can be taken for longer, though it’s advisable that you take a brief 1-2 week break in between courses.

Does Brutal Force offer my money back if I’m not happy?

Yes, they do. They offer an impressive 100-day money-back guarantee.


In that time, simply return any unused, unopened containers and you will get 100% of the money back (minus the shipping charges, of course).


Now, refunds don’t apply to 1-month supplies, but this is a more than generous offer, in our opinion.

Where to buy the supplements?

Brutal Force supplements are only available on the official website:

The manufacturer offers FAST & FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world for all orders.

Brutal Force Bottom Line – Should you Try The Supplements?

YES, we do recommend the Brutal Force products to all of you looking to build muscle and lose any stubborn fat.

Obviously, make sure you read the ingredient list for your chosen supplement first, just to make sure there are no ingredients that you might not tolerate or anything like that.

But at the end of our Brutal Force review, judging from the impressive online reviews, as well as the many scientific sources that support Brutal Force’s claims.

We definitely recommend the supplements for bulking and cutting.