What Is The Best Way To Slim Your Waist?

Best Way To Slim Your Waist

Even if you’re a fitness girl, understanding the best way to slim your waist might be a little tricky.

That’s because even with a full workout routine and a low-calorie diet, you may be missing some key points that won’t allow you to lose those precious inches.

So, if you’ve been struggling for too long to keep your honeybee figure, but still don’t achieve that size, or even are getting bulky, look no further!

In this article, we bring you the best ways to get in shape. Keep reading!

Chew Your Food Carefully!

This is pretty obvious, but we need to mention it anyway.

Whether you’re overweight or not, the most common reason for not having a slim waist is abdominal fat.

In that sense, losing weight is naturally a part of getting the waist size you dream for.

So, cutting calories and going on a calorie deficit is essential. 

Does this mean that you can reduce fat only on your waist?

No. We’re sorry to disappoint you, targeting fat is not possible. But, you still need to burn and reduce calories to get that waistline.

To achieve a calorie deficit, you need to choose wisely and carefully your food and aim for a 3500 weekly calorie deficit.

Increasing your vegetable and fruit intake is the most effortless change you can apply.

Then, cutting refined carbs and processed products inflicts a significant reduction in the calories you consume.

Eating whole foods is the key to lose belly fat and not starve in the process.

Also, when talking about the best way to slim your waist, the amount of sodium you consume is a crucial factor!

Salty foods make your body retain water, which is most commonly retained around the waistline, so eating low on salt is a must of slim waists. 

Last but not least, the fat you consume is also a central factor as saturated fat is harder to digest and accumulates in your body.

Choose good fats like the ones in avocado and peanut, which are easier to digest.

Other significant factors are the calories you consume on snacks and drinks. 

While we recommend you avoid caloric-dense drinks and drinking enough water, low-calorie snacks are essential to control your hunger, especially when starting a low-calorie diet.

Speed up The Process By Exercising the Right way!


Exercise is another common factor in today’s topic; anything related to getting a slimmer waist, or losing fat, includes working out.

But once again, when it comes to getting a thinner waistline, not any routine will help; You need to work out the right way.

  • Cardio or Weight training?

Both will help you reduce your belly fat, so a combination of both cardio and weight training is crucial when it comes to slimming waistline.

That being said, not all cardio and all weight training will help; actually, weights may produce the opposite effect.

When it comes to cardio, the most effective cardio training for reducing your waistline is HIIT.

So, forget about long sessions of LISS cardio if you’re not focusing on only a healthier cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, weight training is excellent for developing lean muscle, which burns calories faster than fat, even when resting.

In that sense, it’s mostly recommended to weight train your surrounding areas such as back muscles, and hips/butt/thighs muscles, rather than to actually train waist muscles with weight.

For training your waistline, it’s better to aim for a bodyweight toning.

Address routines that engage both outer and inner abs and work on the area as a whole, instead of working on local exercises only. 

Even so, you do need to train your waist muscles, especially if you want that waist to look defined.

In this sense, there are some exercises you must do, while some you may avoid.

The following sections will help you determine which exercises to perfom in order to slim down and tone your body.

What To Avoid?

If you want to slim down and get in shape, there are some common training mistakes that you should avoid.

  • Oblique ABS:

Avoid targeting your oblique abs with specific exercises such as Russian twists, especially if you’d use weight.

While they can give you a sexy stomach, you should not solely focusing on them.

  • External Muscles:

Avoid focusing on your external muscles; instead, aim to train your inner core.

  • Cardio Training:

Avoid focusing on cardio training over bodyweight or weight training.

  • Focusing On One Body Part:

Avoid neglecting other parts and major muscles of your body.

What To Do?

Wondering how can you decrease your waist size? Here the best tips and strategies to start with.

  • Holistic Core Training:

Focus on more holistic core training, where you target several abdominal muscles at a time, and if possible, both inner and superficial.

Planks are a useful example of this kind of exercise.

When talking about superficial muscles, focus on the rectus abdominis.

So yes, crunches help, but also leg raises and any regular exercise that includes legs for training the lower belly.

  • Suspension Core Workouts:

Any exercise you perform on suspension (hanging) will provide tension to all the muscles of your body, focusing, of course, on your waist.

Raising your legs up front, to the sides, in circles, bending your knees, or staying on L position.

All these exercises will inflict a significant impact on your whole core, without making your muscles grow too much.

  • Compound Weightlifting:

The weight lifting that we usually do for working our legs and butt, also do wonders for the core.

As they involve several muscles during their performance, they tight your waistline while increasing your pelvic area muscles, which makes your waist look even thinner.

Deadlifts and squats are ideal for weightlifting.

  • Inner Muscles:

While we already talked about the holistic approach and training both inner and outer muscles, targeting your most inner muscles is also possible.

There’s a method called the stomach vacuum, which we’ll address it better in the next section of this article.

  • Vacuum Training: internal abdominal muscles contracting exercise

So, we’ve been talking about how slimming your waist requires a specific combination of exercises, plus a healthy diet and other factors that we’ll target further in this article.

For fulfilling that ideal combination, you need to train your truly inner muscles.

These are the muscles that cover your organs, support your posture, and protect your spine and lie underneath the six-pack. 

They’re the Transversus Abdominus and Lumbar Multifidus.

These muscles are hard to address with regular exercises. And the ones that do address them may need a high-level of pre-conditions.

If you’re aiming to find the best combination to slim your waist, – and not to become a bodybuilder-, then vacuum training is the answer (don’t get us wrong, it’s utterly useful for bodybuilders too!).

But, bad news, it only works if you combine it with the previous exercises we’ve mentioned, so no laziness allowed for a bee-waist! 

So, How Does Vacuum Training Work?

Well, it works by contracting from the inside those inner muscles that are difficult to reach from the outside.

Basically, you use their own strength to put them at work. Of course, this is not just sucking your belly.

Vacuum training has more science, as you truly need to engage the muscles and press towards the center of your body.

Otherwise, you’d just be breathing funny and doing nothing for your waist.

Check the tutorial below on how to get a smaller waist with the secret stomach vacuum technique: 

Play Video
  • Waist trainers: same results with no effort?

So, the waist trainers; those corset-like belts that many celebrities use and have made quite a trend.

To be honest, if you’re aiming to have a slimmer waist no matter what, even if it’s not healthy or if it doesn’t equal fitness, then yes, they work.

Of course, you’ll have to use them continuously. Once you stop for a while, the effect would disappear.

But in general terms, you’d achieve what you want; the small waist.

On the other hand, it’s by no means a way to permanently or long-lastingly reduce your waistline.

Also, it may damage your body, and most importantly, will WEAKEN your core. 

In our opinion, while you may help yourself with waist trainers, they’re not at all a safe or effective way to slim your waist.

And imply many dangers that are not worthy. But it’s up to you to decide, of course!

Improve your lifestyle!

Best Way To Slim Down Your Waist

Changing some of your habits can also help you in getting the waist size you wish.

We’ve already mentioned diet, and we could add that reducing processed foods is essential to lose weight.

But stress, alcohol, lack of micronutrients, and even coffee also impact directly in your body-fat.

Actually, Cortisol, the stress hormone, can even make your body adhere to its fat as a way to protect cells from the extra waste.

Even so, stress can also make you lose weight in an unhealthy way, which will result in a bouncing effect sooner or later. 

Checking your general habits and trying to slow down your life pace can work as one of the best ways to slim your waist.

Also, for the lean muscle to actually grow, rest is essential, so if you want to improve your waistline, you need to sleep 7-9 hours. 

Other tips to achieve your ideal waistline

  • Drink Enough Water

If you don’t, your body will dehydrate and will retain as much liquid as it can to protect your organism.

This liquid or water retention usually locates on the belly line, making you look bulky.

  • Swap Coffee For Tea

It may boost your metabolism by improving your blood flow.

  • Do Yoga

Yoga is scientifically proven to help reduce belly fat, plus it helps you reduce stress, so it’s two birds in a row!

Plus, it will bring many other health benefits in your life.

  • Take a Walk

Walking helps to boost your digesting system, preserves lean muscle, plus vitamin D helps burn belly fat faster.

  • Dress To Accentuate Your Waist

Some clothes like high-waist pants or wide belts help accentuate the curves.

Final Thoughts – Best Way To Reduce Waist Size

So, having a small waist seems to be a lot of work, right?

Turns out that’s why most women don’t have that desired waistline. It also shows why there’re so many products making money with false promises.

Most people don’t want to effort; they just want the results.

But, when it comes to achieving fitness goals, the truth is that there’re no shortcuts.

And the ones that may exist, surely cost a lot of money and imply other consequences (such as surgery).

In the end, our advice is that you commit to your goal and keep your eyes in the prize.

With consistency and patience, you’ll get to it, and the results will last.

That’s the best way to slim your waist, do you agree? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

P.S: If you’re having a hard time noticing any results and want to quicken your weight loss journey, check out this powerful new dieting formula that combines multiple benefits to help you get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted!

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