15 Day Diet Plan Review (Lose 15 LBS In 2 Weeks!)

Di.et - The 15 Day Diet Plan Review

Throughout history, there have been countless fads, diet, and training plans claiming to bring you a few steps closer to achieving that much-coveted physique.

We’ve made it our mission to review each of these supplements, plans, and diets, and determine just how efficient they actually are for weight loss.

In this 15 Day Diet Plan review, that’s exactly what we are going to do.

NOTE: If you already have an idea about the 15 Day Diet Plan, and you just want to know where to buy it? Then, we highly recommend you to visit the manufacturer’s official site, that’s the only place you can get the full weight loss plan.

Apart from this, you can also check our final ratings and verdict at the bottom of the page.

We’ll look at how this plan is supposed to work, what ingredients it uses to aid this diet, as well as what the people who’ve gone through it are saying, in order to determine whether or not it can actually help you lose weight.

Our reviews are always 100% honest and in no way biased by the product manufacturer.

That being said let’s move on with our 15 Day Diet Plan review.

As its name suggests, the 15 Day Diet Plan is just that: a complex and very detailed diet plan that stretcher over two weeks, and looks at weight loss from every possible angle, from diet to training. 

According to its manufacturers, it can help you lose up to 15 lbs in just 15 days, which is an impressive claim by anyone’s standards.

It also claims to help you maintain this ideal weight, and also make you look younger (thanks to health-boosting diet and supplements).

It will help you drop 1-2 dress sizes, get rid of even the most stubborn cellulite patches, and give you the defined muscles you’ve always dreamed of. Or will it? Let’s find out!

How does the 15 Day Diet Plan work?


At first glance, we have to admit that the 15 Day Diet Plan from di.et does come across as pretty impressive.

For just $45, it supplies you with 5 guides, each giving a detailed look at one aspect of losing weight.

In this 15 Day Diet Plan review section, we’ll be looking at each guide individually.

  • The Introduction Guide


As the name suggests, this introductory manual is a step-by-step guide that should be read before you actually start the diet, and that aims to help you get into the right mindset for weight loss.

What we like about this is that it takes on a subject that is largely ignored by weight loss companies – the mind frame.

Obviously, you need a lot of motivation and inner strength to follow a workout regimen or precise diet, and to stick to it.

And this book will help you achieve that motivation, apparently.

This guide gives you a hands-on approach and methods that are easy to implement into your daily routine and that will help you stick to your 2 week diet plan.

It also helps you identify some of the most common obstacles that people who are dieting encounter and helps you go around these obstacles through 15 fail-proof motivation tactics.

  • The Diet Guide

15 Day Diet Plan - Diet Guide

Ah, here is where it gets tricky, isn’t it?

Following that strict diet has been a make-or-break point for many people over the years, which is why this particular company has created a day-by-day manual to help you through it.

By using this approach, they are making it more likely that you will stick to your diet.

On average, people respond well to having someone tell them what to do. 

And, it’s clearly easier to prepare and eat a healthy meal if you’ve just been instructed to do that on that day’s morning, rather than sticking to the same rule for 2 weeks (which can get repetitive, tiresome, and thus easier to break).

This diet plan tells you which foods will put your metabolism to work, and explains just how fat metabolism works so that you have a better understanding of what’s going on in your body.

The meal plans outlined in this guide are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, as well as people who aren’t either of those. 

This detailed plan tells you what and how much to eat during those 15 days, as well as provide you with dieting tips and strategies that will make it easier for you to stick to a healthy diet after the initial 15 days are over.

So, it’s not just about the first two weeks, but also a guide on how to maintain your ideal weight once you’ve achieved it.

What we liked about this guide is that it doesn’t just tell you what to eat and what not to eat, but also tells you why, how those foods are digested and what their effect is on your metabolism and body.

  • The Workout Guide


According to the manufacturers, if you’re sticking to the diet guide alone, you’ve already won half the battle.

However, by pairing a healthy diet with a good workout regimen, you will double the weight loss effects of your diet, and reach your maximum potential during these two weeks.

The workout guide is designed for people who lack the time or patience to go to the gym.

Instead, it gives you a set of exercises, stretches, and cardio workouts you can follow right in the comfort of your own home.

It will tell you exactly how many sets and reps you should do each day, in order to make the most out of your weight loss program.

What we liked about this guide was that it helps you see where you score on the body fat spectrum and what that means for your diet.

It helps you set achievable, realistic weight loss goals for these two weeks, and provides you with the appropriate exercises for your body type.

One of the biggest mistakes people do when trying to lose weight is that they follow training that is improper for their body type.

So by reading this guide, you obviously avoid that.

What’s more, you’ll keep the workout guide (of course) after the 15 days are over, and will be able to come back to the exercises outlined within as often as you feel necessary.

  • The Supplement Guide


According to the manufacturers, no diet is complete without supplements.

So, this penultimate guide gives you an idea of what dietary supplements (e.g. capsules, oils, teas, etc.) will work best to boost your fat-burning process and make the most out of your workouts.

One of the main supplements we noticed in the guide was whey proteinwhich has long been acclaimed as a powerhouse when it comes to weight loss and bodybuilding.

One way whey protein can help you achieve that sculpted physique is by regulating the release of hormones in your body.

It will boost the production of anabolic hormones, which in turn will improve the building of muscles. 

Studies have shown that whey protein is also efficient in suppressing appetite and making people eat 400-500 fewer calories per day.

It’s also been known to boost the calorie-burning process, and help get rid of up to 100 calories per day. 

Another important supplement that the guide recommends is fish oil, an impressive source of essential fatty acids and omega-3s.

One study that monitored the effects of fish oil supplements vs. placebos found that the people who took fish oil reported being full for a longer period of time, and thus wanting to eat less. 

Fish oil has also been linked to improved metabolism, meaning that a healthy dose of it can help you burn more calories per day.

Obviously, these are just a couple of many supplements in this guide.

What we like about this idea is that it combines a healthy diet and training with efficient supplements, thus maximizing the effects of each.

  • The Maintenance Guide


Maintenance is perhaps the biggest weight loss challenge people face.

In reality, following a specific diet or training routine isn’t so difficult, but what does pose a challenge for most people is maintaining your weight after that diet or training period is over.

It’s all too easy to slip into bad dietary habits again, and actually put on more weight than you lost.

Not the case with this maintenance guide, though.

This last guide in the series shows you how to find a “sweet spot” between healthy living and happy existence.

It teaches you how to allow yourself the occasional “cheat day” without falling off the wagon completely. 

Often, eating “bad” foods feels like you’re doing something naughty like you’re cheating on your diet.

Well, the idea behind this last guide is to allow you to cheat, and somehow incorporate that into your diet plan, so that it doesn’t constitute an actual break from the rules.


Overall, we were super impressed by this through, extensive set of guides. 

We like that they cover every possible angle of a diet, from what you eat, to training, to motivation and supplementation, and lastly, to maintenance.

The main reason most diets fail is that they overlook one or more of these essential angles.

But, the 15 Day Diet Plan seems to have considered them all, thus making it far less likely that it will fail.

15 Day Diet Plan Price

The 15 Day Diet Plan is only available on the official website. You can download it right now and start putting evidence-based, fat-burning techniques to work for you today. The results might just change your life…

2 Week Diet Plan


Retail: $99.99


15 Day Diet Plan Refund Policy

The company offer a whopping 75-day money-back guarantee.

That’s plenty of time for you to try the diet, and if you’re not happy, write the manufacturer for a full refund.

What Do People Say About The 15 Day Diet Plan?

It’s not enough to look at their approach or at the scientific data that supports the meals or supplements included.

We also need to review customer reviews (ideally those that aren’t on the manufacturer’s website!) to figure out if this diet plan can actually do what it says, or if it’s all just smoke in your eyes.

So, in this 15 Day Diet Plan review section we’ll list the pros and cons of this weight loss program.

15 Day Diet Plan Pros

  • Many noted losing over 10 pounds in the 2 weeks.
  • The diet plan reduced mid-day and late-night cravings.
  • It’s easy to follow (anyone can stick to a diet for two measly weeks).
  • It helped significantly reduce (and in some cases remove entirely) those pesky patches of cellulite.
  • It helped people find the motivation to train and diet appropriately.
  • People did note an improvement in the appearance of their skin, thanks to the detoxifying aspect of training and the healthy diet.
  • The exercises were easy to follow and very useful since they could be done anywhere (even while traveling).
  • It helped define muscles even in areas people normally struggle with, like the stomach or the thighs.

15 Day Diet Plan Cons

  • The book is only available in digital form.
  • As is the case with most diets, it is very strict. So for those two weeks, you’ve really got to muscle through it.
  • Considering that you also have to add the cost of groceries and supplements, the overall cost can be quite pricey.

Overall, people seemed to be quite impressed with this weight loss plan, and many noted that they lost a satisfying amount of pounds in those two weeks.

And, since that’s what we’re going for here, we’d say the program passes this section of our review as well.

The 15 Day Diet Plan FAQ

In this section, we aim to answer some of your most common questions about the 15 Day Diet Plan.

Who shouldn’t use it?

The plan is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant, not is it for children under the age of 18.


Also, if you suffer from a serious medical condition, you should consult your doctor before trying the 15 Day Diet Plan.

Can I repeat the plan?

Sure, if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, feel free to repeat it as you see fit. However, the manufacturer does advise that you take a short, 7-day break in between diet sessions.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, they offer a whopping 75-day money-back guarantee. That’s plenty of time for you to try the diet, and if you’re not happy, write the manufacturer for a full refund.

Verdict: Is the 15 Day Diet Plan the real deal?

From what we’ve seen, yes, the 15 Day Diet Plan does seem to give some pretty impressive results.

Many people report losing between 5 to 20 pounds in as little as two weeks (which is pretty impressive).

And as we mentioned, from what we’ve learned in this 15 Day Diet Plan Review, it covers all aspects of weight loss, so we’ve got all the reasons to believe that you will hit your ideal weight if you follow the plan.

15 Day Diet Plan Review Summary

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